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waiting for PPR step 2

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sam pk, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. do u have any idea how much time can its takes
  2. which date
  3. Rma1 your eatatus show DM after PPR and mine shows before PPR :)
    Allah is mercifully.
    Where are you heading dear :)
  4. Dear tell how much time they required for sending PPR step 2
  5. Sam...4 to 6 week time for Step1 and after Step2 only 3 working days...
  6. Ok thanks
    u have check your ecas any update or do u conform that your sending mail have been received by CIC
  7. Our e-status will be change into COMPLETE when we will land in Regina In-shaa-Allah
  8. Inshallah ,but what its shows now .
  9. it shows Decision Made :) Alhamdolilah
  10. you got your PPR 2
  11. i am waiting for my PPR 2
    in sha Allah i will get that in a week or so :)
    my status is changed before my PPR1
  12. what its mean DM (decision made)
  13. its mean you can come to Canada In shaa Allah :))
  14. oH realLy GOod MUBBARAK OH APP KO

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