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  1. It is a scam. You're being conned.

    There's no Blueberry Farms at that address
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  2. OK thank u, they said, this address is a Lufa farm, blueberry farm is sister concern of Lufa farm , they will start new farm that is blueberry , I don't know this but they said
  3. Lufa Farms is at 1400 Antonio-Barbeau Street, Montreal.

    A quick look at the Lufa Farms website shows there is no connection to 'The Blueberry Farms'. In fact, there is no 'The Blueberry Farms' in Montreal. Also, there's no job for a 'Gardien de magasin' or a Store Keeper at Lufa Farms. Why would Lufa Farms hire someone from abroad for this?

    You should call Lufa Farms if you want to double check.

    IMO, you're risking a 5-years' ban for misrepresentation by submitting fraudulent documents. I would send the email + web form to your local visa office to cancel your WP application asap
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  4. hi..sir,
    even i also got a offer letter for the position of supervisor in blue berry farms.me also submitted the document in vfs global delhi and given the tracking number.the offer letter is same which is posted here,only position only different.while doing searching i could not see any farm on the given address and given contact number also not a working number. lufa farm is there in given address and they are picking the phone also while calling. VFS is stamping the w1 visa in passport and people are travelling also.if it is not genuine how vfs will issue the visa.please kindly reply me on this issue.this letter also signed by jeffrey sarazin. almost 5 people are from my place and they all are waiting for the visa.all of them having different position like store keeper,supervisor...etc
  5. 1. VFS is not responsible for any visa decisions + they do not have the authority to issue/stamp visas. Only IRCC can grant visas.

    2. It's quite clear from your post as well that you are being scammed. It would be best if you email the visa office (NOT VFS Delhi) to request them to cancel your WP application. IMO, you would be risking a 5-years' ban for submitting fraudulent/forged documents
  6. Tank you very much for the reply..................

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