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Visitors visa with exclusion order

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Wesley44, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Hi, please am looking to go for a quick visit to Canada but the last time I was there (3yrs ago) had an exclusion order. I was wondering what the percentage of them granting me a visit visa?
  2. Why were you excluded?
  3. I overstayed when I was on a student visa
  4. In that case it's hard to say if you'll be approved. You will want to demonstrate very strong ties to your home country for the TRV to be approved (e.g. employment, property, assets). Overstaying a student visa shows an abuse of a past visa privilege and you'll need to work hard to convince IRCC that you're a genuine visitor who will follow the rules this time. Recommend you keep the trip very short (2 weeks max).
  5. Yes that's exactly how long am visiting for. And I do have all those ties just hope it's enough to convince them. But even with all that it's still hard to say?
  6. Yes - still hard to say because of the exclusion order.
  7. But has their been or have you heard any success story ever?

    *I know am desperate for any sign of hope*
  8. I’m no expert but the main point on trvs is to prove to Canada that you will abide by their rules and honor the conditions of your visa. Meaning mainly return back home on time. That and have the ability to support yourself while here.
    You have shown once that you did not honor their conditions.
  9. There's always some hope. Impossible for any of us to tell you what your chances are of success. You'll have to apply and see what happens.
  10. The "Exclusion Order" is no longer an issue per se, assuming that a Certificate of Departure was obtained. If it wasn't, things get a little more difficult .


    2. Exclusion Order (form number IMM 1214B)
    1. If you were issued an Exclusion Order and
      • 12 months have passed since you left Canada and
      • you have a Certificate of Departure (IMM 0056B) showing the date you left Canada
      you do not need an ARC. You may return to Canada subject to normal examination at the port of entry.

    2. If you wish to return to Canada less than 12 months after the Exclusion Order was issued, or do not have a Certificate of Departure, you need to apply for an ARC.
    The problem is then the OP's credibility and reliability, sufficiently covered by the preceding posts.
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  11. Okay there are so many abbreviations in that comment and I didn't understand them all. I don't think I have one of those "certificate of departure" but am very sure I left the day I was asked to even had to confirm it with CBSA officer. Besides it's been almost 3yrs since I left Canada.
  12. How long exactly did you overstay? How was the overstay caught / how were you issued the exclusion order?
  13. Overstayed by like 3 days. An officer came to my house we went down to the immigration office I did the best I could to explain why I had overstayed but they weren't buying non of it they said I had to go. They booked a flight for me and told me when to be at the airport which was were I was given a copy of the exclusion order.
  14. OK, let's simplify it

    If you were issued a formal "Exclusion Order" and you did not obtain a "Certificate of Departure" when you left Canada, you can't prove when you left. You therefore not only need a visitors visa but also an "Authorization to Return to Canada", which adds to your workload. You will also have to pay for removal, if CBSA paid for the return flight. CAD 1500, if I remember correctly.

  15. So how do I go about getting the Authorization to Return to Canada?

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