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Visitors Visa for Parents (Multientry)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by stimbiton, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My name is Dima. I am a Canadian citizen, over 15 years in Canada. My wife is a resident, 2 years in Canada.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a couple of questions before I start calling the Immigration Services.

    I want to invite my parents-in laws, currently living in Ukraine to visit me and my wife here in Canada for 3 weeks. We have planned alot of tourism and a weeklong trip to Cuba.

    Here comes the first question.

    Can i submit the visa applications on their behalf? I have read a lot on the website, used the secure partners login with TD Bank, but no matter what I do, i cant find how to apply just for them, it seems like the website automatically assumes that i myself am applying and bringing my inlaws with me.

    So, is there a way I can apply, or do the paperwork for them?

    Second question: Temporary Resident Visa, is it a multi-entry visa or not? Who desides whether its multi-entry or single. As per above statement, I am planning to bring my parents in law to Cuba for a week, they will need a second re-entry after the Vacation.

    Thank you.
  2. Yes, you can. They must fill/sign/scan/email IMM 5476 (Use of representative) form authorizing you.

    You need to create a new GCKey account for them.

    Alternatively, you can prepare the paperwork and email it to them. They can submit paper applications at VFS/VAC especially if they need to give their biometrics.

    All applications are automatically considered for multiple-entry. That said, you must not mention about future visits.

    You can include their travel plans to Cuba in their TRV applications. Don't book any tickets/make travel plans until the TRVs are issued
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  3. Thank you for a very clear answer Bryanna.

    GCKey account should be created as if it was my father inlaw creating it? In his name?

    As a son-inlaw do I classify as family under Canadian immigration or is it only my wife(their daughter)?

    The reason I wanted to invite them from my name, is I currently hold a reliable government job and I have recently, about 2-2.5 years ago, succesefully completed sponsorship program for my wife.

    I thought it might instill more confidence into immigration services when concidering TRV for my inlaws.

    Thank you.
  4. Yes, that's right.

    Yes, you are a family member, indirectly and not by blood.

    You must include a copy of your marriage certificate + your wife's passport, her PR card and her birth certificate.... to prove the relationship to your in-laws. The invitation letter can be signed by you and your wife.

    It doesn't really matter if you invite them on your own.... or with your wife. As your in-laws are not being sponsored (Read: super visa or PGP PR), your income + sponsoring your wife for PR.... does not matter.

    What will instill confidence is for your in-laws to prove they have strong ties to return to Ukraine + good financial situation and can afford the visit + they must state a visit of 3-4 weeks max. + previous travel history to visa-required countries (US, UK, EU, Schengen, Australia, NZ, etc) could help
  5. Hi Bryann, I will be applying for my parents visit to Canada soon. I am confused about the following:

    1) My father is employed and mother a housewife. For purpose of trv will my father be the primary applicant and my mother his defendant? I read in the guide that dependents have to be under 22?

    2) Will my father and mother have to fill up separate copies of all the forms?

    3) Since my mother doesnt have income/employment she doesnt have much funds in her bank account. What do we mention in the application form against "funds available for this visit". All my mothers travel expenses will be borne by my father and once they r here, by myself and ky husband.

    4) I have been employed in canada since 9 months only and last tax return showed no income. Even though I'm currently employed, should I be the host or should I make my husband the host as he has been in canada for a longer period and filing taxes for longer. Or should both of us be hosts and show our combined employment, bank statement and tax returns?

    5)If my father is the principal applicant and trv is granted, then will both of them have to travel together or can my mother travel alone and after few months my father can travel alone on the trv?
  6. That definition is for sponsoring dependents. Your mom is a dependent for the TRV application.


    She must mention the funds available with your dad. BTW your dad must prove he has the finances to pay for the visit for 2 persons.

    Your finances are supplementary. The focus will be on your parents' finances for their TRV applications.

    You must include a copy of your marriage certificate + your husband's passport, his immigration status + your birth certificate + his NOA, his bank statement, etc. (similar financial documents of yours)

    The invitation letter can be signed by you and your husband.

    They can travel individually anytime during the validity of their individual TRVs
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  7. Thanks Bryanna,

    So in the forms, my mother and then my unmarried sisters (who are 21 and 25) will all be mentioned as dependants od my father? My sisters are non-accompanying and not applying for the trv.
  8. Your sisters will not be listed as *dependents* in either your mom's or dad's applications. They will be listed as children/daughters in the Family Information forms
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  9. Thanks a lot for your help and answers.
  10. Hi again Bryanna,

    You mentioned that my mother is a dependent for the TRV application of my father. But i dont see where to put this information in the TRV forms (Application for Visitor Visa and Family Information Form)? Do I just mention this in my fathers cover letter and the invitation letter from myself?
  11. Bryanna, may I ask why one should not mention future visits when applying for a visit visa.
    I mentioned under purpose of visit that I need multiple entry visa because I want to visit regularly for short vacations and I was granted a multiple visa for few years.
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  12. The situation of each applicant is different.

    You and your husband already have a history of visiting multiple times in the past + you also have a good travel history. So, your application was likely to be approved as MEVs. That said, visa officers did not issue you long-validity MEVs in the past. You have had to apply/reapply for new visas each time.

    For other applicants: If someone is visiting for an exhibition/conference/birthday celebration but asks for MEV, it would seem unusual because there's no need to visit in the future again for these purposes of visit
  13. There is no section in the TRV application form for this information. Your mom would need to state this in the cover letter + your invitation letter + evidence (Letter of financial support from your dad + his bank statement and financial investments + his tax returns)
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  14. Thanks. My dad's employment is not very active as its on and off consultancy work after he was laid off from his work 1.5 years back. He is an employee of a consultancy company but remuneration is received when they get projects/clients. So there has been no tax returns in the past year. However he has more than sufficient funds in his bank and employment letter from the consultancy company. Will that be ok?
  15. Can the consultancy company issue a letter stating your dad is remunerated against projects + a statement for recent remuneration received against projects + a bank statement that would confirm these payments?
  16. Good idea, i will discuss with my dad. Thanks a lot!

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