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Visitor with h&c application in process

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Longroadtoimmigration, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Guys ,
    I am asking for a family member and hoping someone can help .
    She came to Canada in March as a visitor with her 2kids (1 is canadaian and the other is not )
    She applied for H&c based on best interest of the Canadian child. This child is asthmatic . [respiratory problems)
    She has not gotten any response since she applied in March, and she extended her visitor stay around
    may, she was given 6 months.
    Now this 6 months is about to expire and has applied for another 1year extension still waiting for the response.
    My question is - what are the chances of the hnc application being approved.
    What are the chances of the second visitor extension being approved.
    The processing time nor hnc says 33months around what time should she be expecting AIP ¿
    Help as she is contemplating on going back home to Africa.

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