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Visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by keivan ka, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Dear all;
    my father had a multiple visitor visa for 3 years and the passport validation date will be expire in 3 months.
    the visa has been issued for him because of invitation letter that he caught from his friend in Canada.
    he visited Canada 2 years ago and stayed there for about a month.
    after that i married with the daughter of my father's friend(the friend that sent invitation for my father) and i am permanent resident of Canada(my wife also has a Canadian passport), but we are living in Iran with my father.
    Now we want to apply for a new visa for my father, but prefer to apply without the invitation letter.
    my question is that is it mandatory for my father to mention that his son(me) and his daughter is law(my wife) are permanent resident and citizen of Canada respectively. and is it reduce the chance of getting visa for him?
    thanks for your kind assistance
  2. Yes, one of the questions on the application is "Do you have any relatives in Canada," and not mentioning you is misrepresentation and would result in a ban.

    It will be a factor in evaluating your father's willingness to respect visa conditions. However, since he has visited Canada once and returned, that will help to a certain degree.
  3. thanks for your kine assistance

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