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Visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Arjunr28, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Dear sir.

    I have applied visitor Visa dated 5th oct 2018 via vfs Ahmedabad office. When I track application on vfs website There is showing visa is being processed at Canada Visa officeat Bangalore.
    On 22nd novemNov I drop mail directly to vfs Bangalore office they told your application is still under process with consulate general of Canada. Can I know how much time take by consulate general of canada to take decision.
  2. Link your application by creating a GC Key Account, you will get upto date information.
  3. Don't track on the VFS site. Do link your paper application to your online account instead
  4. It's paper application. Also try to link online but didn't linked.
  5. Try linking it exactly as per your application form
  6. @Bryanna I got a question, when we invite out parents or grandparents for visitor visa, is it mandatory to send our Canadian bank statement? Can it be sent later on through CSE?
  7. No, it is not mandatory to provide any financial document. You can send the documents directly to their local visa office and mention that these documents must be considered as part of your parents/grandparents' applications.

    Processing time could take a bit longer in this case

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