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  1. Hi, i just need some advise.
    i applied for visitor visa last Mar 8,2018
    my application was read Mar 11,2018.
    no update as of this time
    reason for travel is to attend wedding of a family friend and visit for 21 days
    i have an invitation letter to attend the wedding by a canadian citizen whos going to get married
    i have an itinerary for my visit and a return ticket
    i am employed, i have certificate of deposit, i have income tax return and certificate of employment attached
    i have proof of relationship that they are my close family fiend
    i am married with 1 child, and i will be going back home after the trip

    Can anyone give an advise on this please
    thank you
  2. Nothing you can do but wait. Application processing can take anywhere from a few days to several months.
  3. thank you for the response. is there a chance for me to get a visa based on my submitted forms for visit?thanks

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