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Visitor visa without travel history !

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ranvir kang, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. hello everyone,
    Just want to ask that, is it possible that your canada visitor visa will be sanctioned without any travel history, if sponsered by your brother on a birthday event, even though, having refused visitor visa from Newzealand and refused study visa from canada.
  2. Don't we all wish we had that magical crystal ball to see the future :)

    From your previous thread, IMO, you have a good application IF you've submitted solid paperwork. Nothing else can be done but to wait for a decision
  3. Thanks for the reply @Bryanna but my question stand still dear. Do canada sanction visitor visa without any travel history to refused cases ?
  4. Yes, my fiancé case was without travel history. She got rejected twice before getting accepted third time. The thumb rule is to show as many connections to the “home country”, and prove them that you would come back.
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  5. I had answered it in my previous post.... "From your previous thread, IMO, you have a good application IF you've submitted solid paperwork."

    Travel history is not the sole criterion for assessment
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  8. I want to ask that i have requested to the embassy that i want to attend Birthday party of my nephew on 8th july. But due to some paper work i was unable to submit file early and i have submitted my file on 11th june.
    So, is there any chances that if my final decision be made after 8th july so, they will refuse the visa because the date has already been passed ??? @Bryanna
  9. Event dates are not really considered. Decisions, including approvals, are possible even after the event has passed
  10. Event dates invitations doesn't matter if they are not satisfied about your profile and papers so main thing is your papers presentation and solid paper work
  12. But dear this is not the right answer to my question @ubfx . It is obvious that strong paper do matters. My question is , if my paper are strong and my visa result will come after 8th july (birthday event date). Is there any chance that they will refuse considering that papers are strong but whats the purpose of visit now, as the dates have been passed !!!
  13. No
  14. Thanks

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