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Visitor visa. Waiting 6 months

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ErinGojetsgo, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. Has anyone else had this issue?
    Friend applied from south Africa February 18/ 2018 and since the end of February his application has said "we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements" and his status hasnt changed since.

    We have send CSE's as well. Still nothing. Feeling very stressed, emotional, and disheartened :(
  2. Has your friend applied for GCMS notes?

    Google/search this forum if you don’t know what this means.
  3. We havent done that yet, but hoping to do that soon. I'm told to get his permission and order them for him as I am in Canada

    The stress is unreal right now, feels very heartbreaking
  4. Hey, no we havent applied for them yet. I went to see my local MP yesterday to try to get any info. Hoping to order the GCMS notes this week. Do you think that would help?
  5. The GCMS will just help you know what’s going on. I don’t think an MP can really do anything.
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  6. I have gone to my MP's office and have ordered the GCMS notes, hopefully we get some sort of answer soon! @bellaluna

    I have also sent you a message @Bryanna
  7. After waiting 6 months, his visa has been denied and I feel beyond broken hearted :(:(:( @bellaluna @Bryanna I have messaged you. Please read asap
  8. Really sorry to hear this. Order the GCMS notes if you haven’t yet.

    I confess I don’t know much about your case, but if he got a refusal after 6 months, it sounds like it is going to be very difficult to overcome.
  9. I didn't get a chance to check my messages these last few days. That's terrible. So sorry to hear he was refused.

    What were the refusal reasons? I'm guessing it was for Purpose of Visit, Finances and Family Ties. You could post the list of documents he submitted. Maybe we can help to prepare a stronger application. Have you applied for GCMS notes yet?

    Don't lose hope. He might just be granted a TRV on the second attempt
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  10. There were a few reasons.
    1. Length of proposed stay
    2. Purpose of visit
    3. Current employment situation
    4. Personal assets and financial status

    I don't know what we can do now :( please help. We both really just want and need to see each other and want to do anything we can do make that happen. @Bryanna
  11. I have also ordered GCMS notes and will try to find out from his mom what documents she supplied. Turns out he has never had a visitor visa before. Both times he has been to the u.s. and the 1 time he has been to Canada, they were on work visas. @Bryanna
  12. I would be interested in knowing why processing took 6 months as that is unusually long for a TRV application from South Africa. This could be indicated in the GCMS notes.

    Do post the list of documents when you get them. Do request his mom to scan/email the invitation letter that was submitted.

    In hindsight, there would have been a better control/knowledge of the documents that went into the application if your friend had applied directly instead of applying through his mom who lives in the US.

    Sometimes even seemingly strong applications are refused if the evidence and explanations are not prepared well. Don't let this upset you. Visa refusals can be overcome
  13. Where they conducting a background check on him? or all that wait was just for eligibility.
  14. Yeah I will try to find out what I can and hopefully get the list of documents soon, @Bryanna what other options do we have to get him here?

    And that long wait was just for eligibility, they didnt do a background check @bcgigabyte

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