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Visitor visa (tourism)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by wuduu_7, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hello guys. I am an international student from Pakistan currently pursuing my studies in UK. I am applying for a Canada visitor visa for tourism. I was filling the document checklist online and came across few queries so thought should post them here.

    1. Financially I am dependent on my father. I am attaching his bank statement and a letter of support along. The question is should I attach my own bank statement as well which I have maintained in the UK? Will there be any sort of confusion in Visa officer's mind considering 2 bank statements?

    2. This trip is expected to last for 7-8 days and I am planning to visit Toronto and Montreal during this trip. Along with UK to Canada and return ticket reservation should I show a flight reservation between Toronto and Montreal as well?

    3. Do I need to show the assets my father owns and if yes should I use and affidavit which shows that he owns them?

    4. Moreover if I work part time (just for day to day small expenses) here in UK do I need to show this in my visa application?

    Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. 1. personally I would add both.
    2. not a good idea to book any tickets whether domestic or international until visa has been approved. unless you can book refundable tickets. However if your visa is approved then you will most likely need to show a return ticket. But wait until approval.
    3. your father has nothing to do with this visa, it should be based on your merit. I don't see how adding your fathers assets indicates that you will return after your trip.
    4. Yes why not, include your employment.

    Do you have tuition paid for in the UK, are you enrolled for the next term? Usually international fees are high, so if you have already paid tuition and already enrolled that is a good indication that you would return to uk. . Are you travelling alone? Are you visiting anyone in Canada?
    Include what your rough day to day itinerary is and what you expect the costs to be.
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  3. 1. Refer to point my under this reply and kindly answer this again. Would be highly appreciated
    2. Agreed
    3. The thing is I have a family business. I am returning back to Pak after returning from Canada to takeover my family business. I have attached the business documents and his other assets. Alongside I have another letter from him on the business letterhead stating the date I am returning and also stating that I will be joining him permanently at the business. Does it make sense now?
    4. The only point I am worried about is if I show them part time employment then they might consider me self dependant rather than dependant on my father. In actual I am dependant on my father. Part time employment salary I am saving only.

    I am here only for MSc which was one year and ends 24th septemeber. Yes I am travelling alone. No relatives in Canada. I just visited 9 countries of Europe alone and returned to UK. Attached all the boarding passes and visa stamps. Further guidance will be appreciated.
  4. 1. *refer to my point 4 in the previous reply
  5. Hello,
    Im aplying for an extension.
    but when a try to pay fees, theres is several options
    1.- permanent residente
    2.- temporary residente
    3.- others

    which is for me?
  6. Temporary Resident, then choose the extension that matches your status: either work permit (including extensions), study permit (including extensions), or "Visitor Visa (including super visa) or to extend your stay"

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