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Visitor Visa rejected but something seems incorrect

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sk9, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Hi,
    I am in US on H1B visa. My wife and daughter are on H4, and second daughter is US citizen. My US H1B petition is valid till 2020.

    I applied for a visitor visa for canada on March 3rd. I submitted all documents online. I waited, and as I did not receive any response till last week(more than 1 month later), I submitted a question via their help system web form two days back. Yesterday I received communication from them, that the visa request for me and my family has been rejected.

    The reasons given in the rejection are:
    1. Not enough proof of employment in US (I had given my three months paystub, and the employment verification letter. I work full time in Seattle)

    2. Not enough proof of funds to sustain yourself while in Canada )I had shown my bank balance of last three months (I would feel it had enough balance to easily sustain a 1 week trip to Vancouver, my investment account balance and ofcource my paystubs)

    3. Not enough proof of purpose of visit – not enough evidence that you will return back to US. (I had shown my employment proof, my bank balances, my apartment lease, my daughter’s school)

    4. Not able to verify legal status in US (I had attached my passports, expired H1B Visa)

    Are there any guidance please on how to proceed now? I am not sure what document is missing if they are saying not able to verify my employment, not enough funds and proof to go back, apart from legal status in US. I planned to make this a 1 week trip to visit Vancouver, and get my expired h1b visa stamped while coming back.

    I submitted a help request yesterday pointing out the documents which I had attached with my application, and I got a message today that there is an update, but in my online account I cannot see any new message.
  2. Did you attempt to upload multiple files per upload slot, or did you merge multiple documents in one PDF per requirement?
  3. There were fixed categories to upload document, so I had merged documents in single PDF but had different PDFs for different categories with only relevant documents. For example, in the purpose of visit PDF, I had merged the purpose letter, my apartment lease, employment proof and daughter school proof. In my financial proof PDF, I had merged my bank statements, my income proof, my paystub, proof of employment etc.

  4. Purpose of visit should consist of hotel booking, day to day itinerary, air ticket itinerary.

    All other documents should be attached in proof of means of funds.

    Did u provide hotel booking, day to day itinerary and air ticket itinerary?
  5. IMO, the main reason for the TRV refusals for yourself and your family is you currently do not have any H1B status/dependent status.

    It is advisable to get the re-stamping of H1B visas in the home country instead of a neighboring country.

    Also, if your plan was to come to Canada for re-stamping then you did not include any documents to prove the same such as the Interview appointment letter (for yourself and for each dependent family member) + detailed employment verification letter + copies of the forms + the approved petition + visa fee receipts, etc.

    Additionally, you should have included an employment leave approval letter + a detailed day-by-day itinerary of your plans with expense estimates + hotel reservations (not charged to your credit card) + demonstrated your ties to both the US and your home country
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  6. In my purpose of visit, I had provided a letter stating my day by day internally for the week.
    I had also clearly called out in purpose of travel, and even included in my itinerary day 1, that I will be visiting US consulate to get my US visa stamped.

    I did attach my employment verification document which showed my employer, date of hire and annual salary, and even pay stubs.

    I could not include US consulate interview details because I will have to book the interview only when I have got Canada visa, else I will not know when can i book the interview.

    I mentioned in the purpose of visit that I will be driving to Vancouver, hence no flight tickets.

    I could not attach hotel booking, because again, how do I book hotel when my Canada visa is not approved yet and I dont know when it will get approved?
  7. Unfortunately, you've not understood the TRV process correctly. You/your family have not presented any case to be granted TRV(s). Your primary purpose for visiting Canada was to re-stamp the H1 visas. However, you did not include any evidence for this (which I have explained in my previous post).

    Currently, you do not have any H1 visa status in the US. That explains why you were refused for 'No legal status/immigration status in the US'.

    The employment verification document would provide a detailed description of your work responsibilities, etc. Basically, it would be the same/similar to the one your employer provided for your H1B petition.

    This is one of the reasons why it is advisable to get H1 visas re-stamped in the home country instead of a neighboring country. You won't have to worry about having a valid visa to attend an interview in the home country.

    Consider another scenario: Assuming you were granted TRVs and you then discovered there are no slots for scheduling your interview when you are in Canada, would you continue to stay while waiting for the slots to open up? That could happen well after the intended visit of one week + you would not be able to re-enter the US.

    You can always cancel and reschedule appointments for interviews.

    You can 'reserve' the hotel stay + it won't be charged to your credit card
  8. I just got back message from immigration that they need 'evidence of my legal status in US'. I will send them my approved H1b petition, which is valid till 2020. The problem now is that the immigration account page now shows a new document row - 'Client Information (required)', but there is no upload option next to it. How do I upload the photocopy of my petition? I then also tried to raise a case-specific inquiry, but on the last page of the form, it gives me error 'Error! Failure sending mail'. I have only 6 days to send the ,back this document and I feel stuck here :(
  9. Physically sent my documents. The status has changed to approved!
  10. Fantastic. Glad it's sorted and you've been approved :)

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