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Visitor visa refused reply format

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sksons, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Date: xx xx 2018


    The High Commission Canada

    7/8, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri

    New Delhi, 110021

    Subject: Request for Grant of Tourist Visa- reg

    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    With due respect, I, name (Passport no xxxxxxx) proprietor of M/s (xxxxxxxx), would like to travel to Canada for Visit/Tourist purpose from xx xx 2018 to xx.xx.2018.

    I had earlier applied for VISA many a times; however, the VISA was rejected. UCI: xxxxxxx.

    By this request, I would like to give clarification of observations made by honourable Counsellor.

    1. Economic conditions, employment prospects, economic establishment:


    Self is proprietor of M/s xxxxxxx, primarily an authorized distributor of (company name )products. Agreement copy with company name)is being enclosed for your kind reference.


    I have an established business and running the same since (year) (registration certificates enclosed). I have good business relations in market and having sound credibility in trade domain.


    The 26 AS statement (copy enclosed) shows my earning for 9 months (as on xx xx 2018) is around INR xx lacs, which shall be equal to approx. INR xx lacs per annum.


    At present, total liquidity in my Bank account(s) is approx. xx lacs. This includes my current account which is having regular inwards and outwards transactions.

    • I have an established business and good financial turnover over the period of time.

    2. Travel history:


    I am in optimum financial conditions and I have visited abroad for many a times.

    • I am presently holding 5 Years UK VISA- Valid till xx.xx.2023

    • Till date I have made 4 visits to UK.

    • I have already visited France for tourism purpose.

    (VISA copies being enclosed).

    3. Family ties:


    I am married person and purpose of going to Canada is just to meet our family friend and further to spend good leisure time with my family. We shall visit few tourist spots also.

    • My kid is at Play school and slowly becoming well acquainted with our culture.

    • My mother or father or both shall be stay at India during my proposed visit.


    My family friend, a Canadian Citizen, has sent a letter of Invitation for this purpose. Being a responsible citizen, he knows that our intention is just to visit and that is why he is taking responsibly of our visit.

    4. Intention to return: I would like to present few facts in this regards.

    • Our intention is only to visit Canada to meet our family friend. He is having trust on us and this is the reason he is taking responsibility and sent us Invitation letter.

    • I have already visited UK for many times. Further I have already visited France also. If my intention would be otherwise, I might not come back from UK or France. I am still having valid VISA for UK.

    • I am an established distributor of (company name ) products. I would like to put in you kind notice that (company name)having the largest telecom Network in India and in coming years shall be largest telecom Operator in India. Being an authorized distributor of (company name), I have great business opportunities within India.

    As stated above, our intention is just to visit family friend and taking this period as vacations time for family.

    I request you to please consider this request letter and grant VISA and oblige. I assure you all the rules and regulations associated with this VISA permission shall be honoured.

    Thanking You,

    You’re truly,


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