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Visitor visa Processing Time

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gavleen, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Hi there,
    I sent invitation for my son's BD celebration (which is already passed) to my brother and his family. He submitted their file on May 8th 2018 to the visa office new Delhi and they received their interview call and had that successfully done on the 29th of May and they asked him to submit the prof of relationship (that i'm his sister) and we submitted that same day(my Indian passport).
    its been 2 months and 5 days still no news, what should they do still wait 10 more days or send inquiry?
    I don't know if there still chances to get positive news, please Help!!
    Thanks in Advance!!
  2. Does the visa office have their passports or were the passports returned?
  3. The immigration officer still have their passport with them
  4. They could try to link their paper applications to their online account to know the processing status.

    They could also email their local visa office to request for early decisions
  5. Thank you!!
  6. Hi, My brother got Refusal for his application today.

    it says
    Grounds for refusal
    . Proof of relationship to host in Canada

    What can you give other then your old passport (that's what they ask for) as a proof of relationship?
    what should I do now?
  7. Sorry to know your brother was refused.

    Based on the recent interview cases we've seen on here, these applicants were approved. Not sure what went wrong in your brother's case.

    Proofs of relationship between siblings (must state the name/names of the same parents):
    Copies of birth certificates.... or school records.... or passports (which you had submitted)

    I would order GCMS notes to understand the actual reasons for the refusal
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  8. GCMS or should I send a letter to immigration and ask what type of other documents do they need in terms of relationship proof .
    Do you think its a good idea to re-apply in two months?
  9. Do they have to order GCMS notes or I have to do that (host) form Canada?
    And from where should I do that (call them or online)?
    thank you Bryanna!
  10. You can email the Program Manager at NDVO to request for a reconsideration of the decision. Do request the visa office to let you know whether or not additional documents are required. You can include the other evidence which I have suggested as well.

    Do note:
    The request for reconsideration can be refused in which case your brother must reapply from scratch (preferably after he gets the GCMS notes).

    You must order them. Here's how:
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    Friday morning, I got acknowledgement letter for working on my visitors visa application. Is this normal mail from them?
    After receiving this mail how much time thay are taking for approving application?
    Please advise
  12. thank you so much Bryanna, I'll do that.
  13. What's the e-address of the NDVO? or where should I search it, I searched it on goole but could not fine one, please help me with that, thanks!!
  14. Here it is:
    General: DELHI-IMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca
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