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Visitor Visa Processing Time

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by andy_123, Mar 22, 2018.

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    Appreciate your support as I applied for CA tourist visa me and my wife since 14 Feb 2018 and I didn’t get a feedback till now and when I tried to track my VISA through the following website
    and got the following
    "Your processed passport has been forwarded to the Canada Visa Offlice, CAIRO on 14/02/2018. To know more, please call VAC helpline number or visit VAC website. " , and when i checked the expected processing time from the VFS web site it was 25 days .

    Could you please confirm back with the expected duration regarding Visa process ?
  2. what your date of birth and your wife.
  3. You shud create an account on cic and link ur paper application with it. Then u might b able to check status.
  4. Do not share such info online. Goto GCKEY and create your profile.
  5. My visitor visa file took just 25 days for processing I want to know is it indication of something negative ??
  6. No it depends on profile ,some time visa is granted even in 10 days
  7. when did u apply ,paper/online
  9. Hi can you share your processing time for Visitor VISA online
  10. Was your visa approved??

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