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Visitor Visa Online Application - Relationship Proof Query

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by shreyamehta, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone ,

    My parents want to apply for Canada Visitor Visa - under Temporary Residence Category ( less than 6 months). My aunt (mother's sister) and her husband are Canadian citizen. My father is the primary applicant and my mother is secondary applicant. Now in the primary applicant section they are asking to upload the relationship proof document. My question is since my father is the primary applicant how he can show that his relative residing in Canada is his sister-in-law?

    If i upload marriage certificate of my parents and birth certificate of my mother and my aunt will suffice the purpose or is there any other way ?

    I would be glad if somebody can guide me on this.
  2. You can combine all documents (that cannot be uploaded to a particular slot) and upload this single PDF file to the Optional/Letter of Explanation slot
  3. Hi , Thanks for your reply.
    So you are saying that i should elaborate it further ( perhaps by drawing the family tree or something ) in the optional letter of explanation section?
    Also let me know if notary is an option?
  4. No a Généalogie or Family Tree is not required. A simple explanation + reference the birth and marriage certificates.

    I'm guessing your parents hold Indian passports. Notarization of documents is not required

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