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Visitor Visa- India - Financial support Documents

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jaya1985, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Hi,

    I am canadian PR , would like to bring my mother inlaw for summer vacation from india ,She donot have any property in her name . planning to have 4 Lac in her account. No travel history .

    1. Money is deposited , kept for a month . Bank statement for a month.
    2. have family ties (Husband , Daughter in india )
    3. I am showing $10,000 to support expenses here

    Can you please suggest possibility of getting TRV ? Any other supporting Doc can be added ?
  2. Hi,

    For how long does your mother-in-law want to visit?

    This will guarantee a TRV refusal. The funds are not your mother-in-law's. Also, she must submit 6 months' bank statements.

    Does she have a bank account? If yes, since when?
    Or a joint bank account with your father-in-law/her daughter?
    Does she have any financial investments.... FDs, RDs, shares, mutual funds, LIC, etc?
    Does she file her tax returns?
    Can your father-in-law/her daughter pay for her visit if she does not have finances of her own?

    What other ties can she show? For example:
    1. Does she have a rent agreement (even if it is joint with your father-in-law)?
    2. Is your mother-in-law employed or has a business?
    3. Is her daughter married/unmarried? Lives with your mother-in-law?
    4. Does your mother-in-law have any reason to return by a specific date?

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  3. Hi Bryanna ,

    Thanks for your reply. Please find my answers below.

    Mother in law is house wife , She want to visit for 2 months , She has single Account, But not much money , Father in law can pay her visit. Her Daughter in india is married, living with Husband. She has LIC , but no FD other investments.

  4. Your mother-in-law must mention a visit of 2-3 weeks (not two months).

    She must show that she has a defined purpose of visit: Sightseeing + to spend some time with you/your family. So, do prepare a day-by-day plan of what she will do when she visits.

    She must include a 'Letter of Financial Support' from your father-in-law (stating he will pay for her visit and airfare) + his bank statement for 6 months (no large deposits/nothing borrowed).

    Her only tie is your father-in-law. Her married daughter is not a tie/reason to return. IMO, her chances of approval are not high. That's why I suggest you include some must-return-by-date event (for example, a wedding in the family, etc) with evidence.

    You can also buy an overseas travel medical policy for the dates that she will visit.... although this is not mandatory. It only shows that you have considered any emergency
  5. hi everyone,

    My Visitor visa was refused two time need some Guidance from all you guys

    Thank You
  6. 1. When did you apply?

    2. What was your purpose of visit and for how long do you want to visit?

    3. What ties did you show to your home country: Employment/business, family ties, property or land ownership, previous travel history, financial situation, etc?
  7. I agreed with Bryanna. However, even if your mother-in-law can't provide these documents, let her apply. However, visas are issued on compassionate grounds like have to attend a ceremony, care for sick or needs urgent medical attention. My friend applied for her mother-in-law to come and witness their naming ceremony and was granted. She has no assets. I will advice just apply, add letter to explain her circumstance and give tangible reason for the visit other than tourism.
  8. Please help me to understand the doc requirement for TRV application online from India.
    I would like to apply for my spouse & kid. I shall be attending University in summer, got my student visa.Plan is to travel all together.
    Q1. As I am yet to attend the university , can I apply for TRV for my spouse & kid before I join university?
    Q2. Is air ticket mandatory to show in TRV application, because I prefer to buy tkts post visa approval?If yes, is it to be one way/return?
    Q3. Can I apply their TRV in my log-in (read GC a/c) or my wife needs to open a new GC a/c for herself & apply from there, for her as well as for our child?
    Q4. How much minimum fund to show for 2 dependents ( spouse & kid)?

    Please help me with your expert feedback/replies.... Regards.
  9. Hi,
    1) I had applied first in the month of September and after refusal in month of October
    2) my purpose of visit was meeting my family friend as well as tourism I have asked for a stay of 15 days including flight journey'
    3) I am a self employed have given 2 years it return shown with my complete bank statement for 6 months with all my business transactions my complete family documents with their income proof as well as my wife documents she is not travelling with me as she is a full time Ph. D student as well as 6 month pregnant now.
    I have been in UK from 2006 to 2011 there I completed my graduation as well as worked for around 2 years after coming back to India In 2011 I did my full time masters from Pune university from 2012 to 2014 after which I started my own HR consultancy firm .

    Please guide me shall I file my application back and what more supporting documents shall I attach
  10. 1. What were the reasons for the previous refusals?

    2. The visa officer may question why you would like to visit Canada leaving behind a pregnant wife?

    3. Do you have employees to manage your consultancy firm in your absence?

    4. Also why a visit at this time of the year (considering your work situation)?

    5. Apart from your business, do you own property/land? Or have other family members who are dependent on you?
  11. Hi,

    1) There are three reasons for my previous refusal (a) Travel History (b) Purpose of Visit (c) I am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds, including income and assets, to carry out your stated purpose in going to canada or to maintain yourself while in canada and to effect your departure.

    2) This is her first Pregnancy and in our culture the first pregnancy is done by my Wife parents so she is at her parents home for pregnancy and they are taking care of her and even after delivery she will stay for around 4 to 6 month at her parents house. but when i had applied in Oct she was just 2 month pregnant.

    3)Yes i do have 2 employees to manage my Consultancy firm in my absence.

    4) i want to take vacation from my busy schedule and also have a get together with my family friend in Winnipeg it wont be possible for me once i have a baby to go for vacation for years as well as my business routine.

    5)Apart from my Business i have my own Car and a Bike, property is on my Mothers name my mom i retired and is on government pension since last 3 years my dad is also retired and at home no pension but my Wife is completely dependent on me.

    Hoping a some good Suggestions from Your side

    Thank You
  12. Hi,

    1. What exactly did you state as the purpose of your visit?

    2. Did you draw up a day-by-day itinerary with expense estimates and prove that you have the finances to afford your visit?

    3. Did your friend provide an invitation letter to confirm that he will provide accommodation, etc?

    4. Have you visited any other countries (after your UK stay), particularly countries like the US/ maybe the UK again/Schengen countries, Australia, etc? Do you have any valid visas?

    5. Did you mention that your wife will stay with her parents for 4-6 months after your baby is born?

    6. Your mom's property cannot be shown as your own asset. Do you live with your parents? Are they dependent on you i.e. do you pay for the utility bills, house expenses, etc? Can you include evidence for this?

    7. What documents did you include for your business i.e. registration, tax returns, bank statements, prove it is an active company, etc? To prove you have hired two employees? Any contracts/agreements with clients?

    8. If you reapply, what will be the purpose of your intended visit? Would your Canadian friend organize a get together?

    9. What financial documents did you include? How much funds did you show (without borrowing from anyone, not business funds) for your visit?

  13. 1) Purpose of visit was tourism.

    2) No i haven't given day to day iternary.

    3) Yes my friend have provided me invitation letter as well as included that he will provide me the accommodation.

    4)No after my UK stay i have never visited any other country and dont have any valid visa right now for any country.

    5) No.

    6) Yes i stay with my parents they are not dependent on me but yes i pay the utility bill which is on my name as well as house expenses yes i do have utility bills on my name as well as house daily needs shopping made from my account which reflects in my bank statement.

    7)yes i have included Registration documents of my business, my 2 years Income Tax Return gonna file my third year Income tax return this month, i have proof of hiring my 2 employees, i do have service agreement made with our clients old as well as recent.

    8) purpose will be Tourism as well as get together yes my friend can organize

    9) i included my 4 lakh Fix deposit as well as my bank statement with around 6000 dollars

    thank you
  14. For Tax return documents, which page or document is needed for the application of Canada visitor visa for an Indian person?? There are so many documents in the tax return file.

  15. Hi
    I applied for visitor visa for my parents from India too in the month of June.
    They deposited money in a bank around two months before so I was not able to show bank statements so what I did .They just got bank balance certificate(bank letter With INR 400000 for both)and submitted with the application.
    Their visas were approved within a month.
    Actually it varies from application to application.
    Good Luck

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