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Visitor visa got rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sayakrc, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hi @Bryanna and all,
    I applied for TRV online and got rejected as the officer was not satisfied that I will leave Canada at the end of my stay based on the purpose of my visit, my personal assets and financial status.

    In my application I mentioned that I will be staying in Canada for 10 days to attend a conference and I provided a letter of invitation. I provided my bank account summary worth 3000 CAD and fixed deposits as proof of my financial status. I uploaded a valid US B1/B2 visa as my travel history.

    My Background: I am a PhD student from India and I have grants sanctioned from my institute to attend the conference.

    My Questions:
    1. What other documents do I need to provide to indicate that I will come back after my visit? Is a proof of studentship or an NOC from institute enough?
    2. What other financial documents are required? Is a grant letter form institute enough? Should I mention my parents' assets also?
    3. When reapplying what should I write in the Background information questions 2b and 2c?
    4. Should I consider applying online again or should I go for the paper application?
    5. My travel will tentatively be on December 1st, 2018. Do you think, even if my visa gets approved, I will get it on time?

    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
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  3. Hi,
    The decision came within 3 days. Can you please help me out?
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  4. Same reasons purpose of travel, personal assets and financial status; i have as per my refusal today , sayak help me also to find the legit answer!
    I showed 11000 approx dollars to support my trip , n my uncle is in canada and also a cousin who is inviting me to canada to visit him and my uncle ,as my uncle was suffered from a severe depression and brain injury , and now recovering from it and living in a retirement home in canada; i was seek to visit both of them !
    1. What kind purpose i should show to the immigration officer?
    2. What kind of; how much of cost of my personal assets i should show as i already showed my assets with my father? Should i transfer that assets to me as first party, beyond my father??
  5. Mine too brother!!!!
  6. When and where from u was applied??
  7. Online , last few days , my cousin from canada applied
  8. Your cousin from Canada applied for you?
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  9. Hi Sayak,

    1. Have you traveled to other visa-required countries (US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ) for a similar reason/conferences? Or even within India?

    2. Do you intend to attend the conference as a participant or you would be presenting a research paper?

    3. What year of your research program are you currently enrolled in?

    4. How would this conference benefit your research/career? Why is it necessary for you to attend this conference?

    5. Who is paying for the entire visit, including airfare? Your research institute or yourself? If your research institute is paying for it, have they clearly stated it in an official letter + transferred the funds to your bank account?

    6. List of documents submitted

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    Hi Bryanna,

    1. I have travelled to Australia for a similar reason (presenting paper in a conference). I have travelled to US twice to attend workshops organised by Google. Not more than 10 days in all the cases. I have invitation letters available for all these as proofs.

    2. I would be presenting a research paper. I have email conversations as a proof for the same, however the letter of invitation mentions that I will be a participant.

    3. Currently, I am in the third year of the research program.

    4. Attending this conference and presenting the paper will help me present my work to a vast audience and learn from others work, eventually leading towards completion of my research.

    5. Entire visit, including airfare, will be paid by the research institute from a fellowship grant. They have stated clearly in an official letter. However, the way it works is as follows: Initially I have to pay for everything. Then after returning from the conference, I will have to show all bills and then they will transfer the money to my account.

    6. I have submitted US and AUS visa with stamps in passport, submitted my bank account statements around CAD 3000, Fixed deposits around CAD 4000, copy of my credit card, Letter of invitation from from the conference.

  11. Yes he applied through his own gckey id online from canada as i send him the docus!
  12. Yes for me , am in india he is in canada
  13. Hi @Bryanna, Please help me. I need to reapply urgently. Thanks a lot.
  14. You can not have someone apply for a visa from where you are actually not located.

    Did it say "rejected" or "refused"?
    "Rejected" means the application is incomplete and has problems.
    "Refused" means the application is complete but they decide not to let you in.
  15. They said refuse NOT REJECTED

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