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visitor visa from Ksa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by habeeb1234, May 8, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    i am planning to apply visitor visa from Saudi Arabia, i am working as pharmacist from 4 years and i have good travel history ( visited Uk , schengen visa, )

    my brother is a Permanent resident of Canada he will send me the invitation letter. ( he will bare All expenses)

    My Question :

    1. My Saudi arabia Iqama Profession is Labour.
    Note: i can provide all required documents like Company letter with Pharmacist job title with chamber of commerce.

    they will see the iqama profession( Labour) or my company letter (PHARMACIST)

    please give me your valuable suggestion so that i can start my process.

    Thank you

    Good day !!
  2. You must demonstrate that you have adequate financial resources to pay for the visit + strong ties to return to KSA + ties to your origin country.

    Canadian immigration authorities will verify both documents i.e. your iqama/residence permit and the employment letter = Your iqama profession will also be verified.

    All documents must be in English or translated into English by a certified translator
  3. Thanks for you reply

    1. My brother bank balance is only 8k $ because recently he purchase a apartment in Canada and my bank balance is 10k $

    What do you suggest we should share all the expenses

    Is it sufficient for 2 weeks visit

    2. We have 4,5 property in India on my mother and father name how can I present this property to the embassy, What document I need to prepare.

    3. Please if you have any format for invitations letter please forward me.

    Please give me your valuable suggestions
  4. Your brother's finances are supplementary. You must prove that you can afford the visit with your own finances (without borrowing from anyone).

    You must also prepare a detailed day-by-day plan of your intended visit with expense estimates.... and prove that you have the liquid finances for this plan.

    Your parents properties cannot be shown as reasons for you to return to KSA.

    You must provide evidence of your personal/professional ties to KSA and India: Your employment + a lease agreement + strong financials + dependent family members + previous travel to countries such as the US, UK, EU, Australia, NZ
  5. I don’t have any property on my name every thing is on my parents name.

    Is dere any possible way ( gift registry, dad property will etc )

    Could you please explain wht professional ties I need to show

    Personal ties in India ( please explain)

    I don’t have any lease agreement ( can I make fake )

    Sorry this is some simple questions please answer it will be great help.

    Thank you
  6. I don't understand this *desperation* to visit. Even if your parents transfer the properties to you, the visa office will be quick to notice it was done for the sake of the visa application.

    Your employment

    Property or land ownership, dependent family members, financial ties, etc

    Don't expect me or anyone else on this forum to help you if your intention is to present a fraudulent visa application. Hopefully you are aware that fraudulent documents can result in a 5-years ban for misrepresentation.

    Personally, I'm not convinced about your employment too. Your Iqama/Residence Permit is under the 'Labour' category (not Manager or maybe a supervisory title) whereas your employment letter states 'Pharmacist'. As a 'Labour Class' you cannot sponsor under the Family Class, whereas IF your Iqama stated 'Pharmacist", you would be eligible for a family visa.

    So, not sure why there's a huge mismatch in the titles stated in your Iqama and your Employment Letter.

    My best advice to you:
    Don't create a royal mess for yourself by submitting fake and fraudulent documents. It will completely scuttle your chances of getting visas to most countries (even as a visitor) if Canada bans you for 5 years for misrepresentation
  7. Hi Bryanna.

    Thanks for your reply.

    I need your opinion.

    2011 I applied for USA Student visa twice and it was rejucted with 221g form. After refusal I applied for Uk student visa I got visa n I studied masters dere.

    It’s been 7 years now, do I need to mention in Canada application form for visitor visa or not to mention any refusal.

    Also previously I applied with my old passport, now I am applying with my renew new passport.

    Waiting for your sugession.

    Thanks bro
  8. Hi


    Hope you are good

    Today I receve my visa stamped, validity 2028.
    We learned with my application that profession in iqama doesn’t matter for getting visa. Just matter job title in company letter.

    Thank you
  9. Hi all

    today I receve my visa for 10 years

    If you need any information please feel free to mesg me

    Thank you
  10. That's great. Glad it worked out well for you. Congrats :)

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