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Visitor Visa For my mom

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manny27, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Hi guys , i need some advice
    1.I wanna apply for visitor visa for my mum and dad but my dad couldn't find his PAN card and he has to wait for next year to fill his income tax returns but my mum has all the documents ready can i just apply for her ? that will be fine ?
    2. I am staying with my in laws , they owned house here and all the bills are under my mother in law but i do have my phone and credit card bills are under my name that will be okay for proof of address ? or i need some kind affidavit that i am staying with my family ?
    3. I just move here in 2016 and i don't have that much income in 2016-2017 , but this year i got permanent job and my pay is good and my husband's too?
    4. my mum is showing $7000-8000 in savings and house papers
    5. can i apply online from here for her or i should apply from india ?

    can i apply for her visitor visa in this case ?
  2. 1. It won't take more than a few days for a PAN card to be issued.

    2. Advance tax receipts?

    You don't need to submit any documents for this. Your invitation letter + NOA + copy of your passport and PR card (?) will suffice.

    Your income/your husband's income is not relevant to your parents' applications. You can only support their visit for their stay/local travel and living expenses.

    1. Did she earn this money in her savings account?
    2. Does she own the house?

    You can apply as her representative (IMM 5476 form).... or she can apply from India. In both cases, her application will be considered as in-India applications
  3. somebody told them in india , they cant fill the tax returns now , i will try to get the card ,if not can i apply for her ?
  4. no , i send her the money and yes my mum dad both own the house
  5. Not sure why your parents have not been filing their tax assessments.

    Yes, you dad can pay Advance Tax and include that receipt.

  6. thank you
  7. i send her that money ? do you think they will question that ?

    my dad applied for his pan card , he will fill the returns but they don't have that much savings in their account , I did forward some through bank ($7500) but I will take care of their expenses , do you think i should mention about money i send them in invitation letter

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