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visitor visa for my brother


Aug 25, 2016
Hi everyone,

I immigrated to Canada from India in 2013 and am a Canadian citizen now. In 2019, my application to sponsor my parents to Canada was accepted. They also visited me in Canada during the summer on visitor visa. My younger brother (25 years old, single) is thinking to apply for a visitor visa to Canada.

His background:
· Finished high school and went to Kuwait for work for 2 years
· Returned to India and after few months started his diploma in pharmacy (my father runs a pharmacy and is a registered pharmacist)
· He is currently in year 2 of the program and has some time off between June and August before he starts his 6 months training mandatory for completion of the program

Documents he is planning to submit:
· High school credentials
· Year 1 credentials for diploma
· Acknowledgement of enrollment into year 2 from his school, and an indication that training program to commence in September is mandatory for diploma completion
· An affidavit from my father that he will bear his expenses
· Evidence of my father’s bank accounts and fixed deposits
· His scholarship document from his school
· Evidence of his employment in Kuwait
· Evidence of my father’s pharmacy
· Training letter from a pharmaceutical company where he is to complete his training
· An affidavit from my father that he wants my brother to take over his pharmacy once he completes his diploma
· Invitation letter from me, declaring he will live with me during his visit

What are his chances of getting a visitor visa? What other documents should he include in his application to make it stronger?

All your help is greatly appreciated!