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Visitor visa chances

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Aali_1603, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I am 30 years old, my wife is British Citizen and my son is also the British citizen, I been to the UK many times on visit visa and I do not prefer to shift there (UK) because of my business here in Pakistan. I and my wife planning to visit Canada for holidays may be for 10 days at a maximum. I have my bank statement of 30 lac from 1 year or so and property here like vehicles and houses worth more than 50 Lac. My wife and son don't need a visit visa, what chances I can get visit visa and what documents do I need to submit. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  2. 1. Your application will be assessed independently

    2. Your family ties to your wife and son are zero. That's because you do not live with them + you do not have an ILR to remain in the UK. What this effectively means is you cannot count on family ties as a reason to return to Pakistan.

    3. You would want to refer to all amounts/bank balances in CAD (and not just in PKR). That said, hopefully the PKR 3 million is your personal funds for which taxes have been paid + it is not your working capital for your business.

    It is difficult to advise without knowing the facts of your case:
    1. What is the purpose of your visit? As tourists?

    2. Do you have a Canadian host? If yes, is the host related to you?

    3. Do post the list of documents you intend to submit, including business and employee documents

    4. Do you, your wife and your son have a history of traveling together on holidays abroad i.e. to countries for which you require visas?

    5. Have you traveled to visa-required countries (US, Schengen, Australia, NZ, Japan, etc)?
  3. Dear Bryanna,

    I have bank statement of $40000 CAD $ this is saving, and rest of business transactions are of $50000 CAD$

    I have business property worth more than $800000 CAD here.

    I don't have Canadian Host I am going on my own just for visit. My purpose of the visit is just to visit Toronto, Niagra falls and Alberta

    I, My wife and Son have not travelled together as we are all living together in Pakistan but I have UK Visit visa of 10 years.

    I been to China, UK, Malaysia and Dubai.

    I don't know what documents i need to submit but i will submit my tax returns, my property documents, my bank statements (Business + Saving), My wife and Son documents, our bookings, return tickets, and our return tickets for UK from Canada not to Pakistan and then my return to Malaysia from UK then.
  4. 1. Do post the list of documents you will be submitting, including for your business

    2. How old is your son?

    3. Do you, your wife and your son live with other dependent family members in Pakistan (your parents, unmarried siblings, for example)?

    4. Do you have any ties to the UK? For example, business or property
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    Thank you for your help Bryanna

    My son is of 1 year

    We are living in joint family but all are independent.

    My wife whole family means my cousins etc lives in the uk but I have no property in the UK. My ties to the UK is wife and son and my travelling history 5 times on visit

    I don't know what documents i need to submit other than the documents mentioned on the website.
    Right now I have

    My passport
    My travelling histroy
    My bank statements
    Property documents
    Return tickets (Pak to UK, UK to Canada, Canada to UK, UK to Malaysia and then Pakistan)
    Hotel booking in Canada
    Police Certificate

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