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Visitor Visa August

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ragazzo, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Hello
    I applied online for visitor visa on 3rd august and today 9th august i got approved my application. I applied from italy with my parents we together got this approval email.Tomorrow i will send them passports for visas. Goodluck too all
  2. Congratulations. I applied for my mother as well online on the 7th. Would you mind telling me how long they took to do the eligibility review?
  3. congratulation:)
    Do you Have Valid US B1/B2 visa or travel Canada before ?
  4. probably you might have a response today or monday 13
  5. congrat
    My father applied on july 15th and it got approved on july 19th online
  6. Hopefully. Nothing so far.so I am guessing should be next week
  7. Last 4 days the msg was showing we are reviewing your eligibility after That I received email to check your msg and the next msg was “original passport request” . You will get this msg in this week Monday or Tuesday
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    No i don’t have any US visa and it was my first time I applied for Canada.
  9. Do you have another similar visa for any country?
  10. Yes i travelled to uk on visa.. but in Europe i dnt need visa because i m permanent resident of Italy so i can go anywhere without visa. I traveled to Austria Germany Switzerland.
  11. Yeah:) Europe PR which work for approved your TRV.
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