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Visitor visa applied on july 2018 offline.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Dsoni92, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Anyone got update for Visitor visa who applied on 30th july offline?

    I have applied on 30th july offline and acknowledgement received 2nd August. But still no update. Anyone have similar case??
  2. A
    applied on 26 July still waiting be patience bro
  3. Today my status has changed. From "Application is in process" to "we have reviewing your eligibility".
  4. Which visa office.. Bangalore or New Delhi?
  5. Banglore visa office
  6. No update.... Applied on 21 july.... Offline chandigarh
  7. I applied on 23rd July and today my status has changed from "Application is in process" to "we have reviewing your eligibility".

    Does anyone knows how long it will after this ?
  8. Once the status is changed to reviewing eligibility -- you can expect update any time... some people are waiting for weeks time also... however most of them receives in a day or two with final decision... all the best...
  9. Thanks.. i applied for my spouse and kid.. i will let you know the update..
  10. Which visa office?
  11. Am from Chennai.. but Visa applied in Delhi Canada immigrations office..
  12. My visitor visa for spouse and kid got approved today which i applied on 23rd July :) thanks :)
  13. Congratulations
    What time you saw the decision?
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  14. When you applied for dependant visa, did you include a copy of your work permit received at Canada immigration or did you file it with work permit approval letter and copy of worker visa on passport while still in India?
  15. Great... Congrats..

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