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Visitor Visa Applied from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi Embassy DELAYED

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by zoozie.kinz, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    My application has passed its processing time. I applied on March 18th from Bahrain and submitted all required documents, and within two weeks completed my biometrics and was given an approval of my medical exam which was approved on April 6th. I have been waiting for a final response since and have not received a message or update since April 6th. At the time when I was applying, the processing time was 40 days. It has now passed 50 and I have tried to contact the embassy and have sent in CSE forms to CIC. What should I do? I was supposed to receive this visa by now and leave for Canada in a week's time.

    Thank you in advance for your time and advice!
  2. even im actually frustrated right now as we are planning to go on july 3, and till now status is still under process.
    me and my husband works here at dubai, and we applied our visa via vfs on May 4,2017 till now we doesn't have update..
  3. Hi,

    Processing on your application will start only from the date the visa office receives your complete application, including your biometrics. Also, the processing time stated on the IRCC website is only a guide/estimate and not a commitment.

    There are no assurances that an applicant *is supposed to get the visa*. It depends on the assessment made.

    As you've already sent the CSE there's nothing else you can do but to wait. It could take up to 30 days to get a response to a CSE.

    If you are not a Bahrain citizen/or have temporary resident status in Bahrain then it is possible that IRCC is doing background checks on your application

  4. You've applied fairly recently.

    The current estimated processing time for TRV applications from the UAE is 26 days. This, of course, is only indicative. Actual processing could take longer/be faster

  5. Hi Bryanna,

    Thank you for your response, appreciate it!
    As for processing times, you mentioned that the processing time begins once you have recieved the complete application - does this also include the approval of the Medical Exam? I completed my biometrics only a few days after submitting the application and they responded by changing the status that they no longer require it a day after. The reason as to why I stated that I assumed I was supposed to receive the visa was because I applied last year, on April 18th and got approved on June 2nd, and the delay at that time was due to background checks. As a result of the delay, I missed 2 weeks of the program i was enrolled in at UBC. So I applied a month earlier this year to avoid falling into the same situation, however Im in it once again hahaha. What I find weird is that I have not received any emails from cic at all, even though usually they send false emails stating there have been changes when no changes are evident on the application - which some people have said that it represents small changes in the processing of the application that cannot be seen online on the status board. The last email/update I received was April 6th, confirming the approval of my medical exam.

    All I can do is wait, you're right about that.
  6. guys got my passport stamped with multiple entry valid up to 2021
    May 4, 2017 application submitted to vfs office
    May 7- docs received by canadian consulate
    June 5- status showing approved in CIC
    June 6- collected the passport in VFS
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  7. Hi guys I applied for TVR canada. Application received in the consulate office on May 28. Till now there no updates. Seems the embassy are well known for such delays. This is quite frustrating
  8. Where did you applied from and what is your citizen
  9. I applied in UAE via VFS and I am a Filipino

  10. I believe the process extended because of Ramadan Holiday.
  11. I have also submitted my wife passport for TRV on 26th may,2017. But still waiting for passport, status showing that application is in process
    Our travel date has also been passed. Is there is any negative impact on application if travel date pass.
  12. None at all as visa decisions are not based on intended travel dates
  13. Thankyou baryana.
    But when i applied for my self they return my passport before my travel date thats y i am worried about my wife passport.
    Do u have idea why they hold passport for long time.
    Here in forum i have seen that some people who have applied before& after me got there passport with in 5-15 working days but with refusal.
    If they hold passport for long time does it mean visa will be approve?
  14. Hi guys, did you receive Canada visa applied in May 2017? I applied on 21st May but still waiting.
  15. Mine was on may 28. Still application on progress.

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