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Visitor visa after refusal 11 years ago

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gia_Gill, May 12, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone
    We are indian citizen.My husband got trv refused two times in 1999 nd 2007.After that he never re-applied.However now we wish to visit canada for 15 days for tourism and planning to apply TRV for my husband,me and our 13 year old child.We have visited Australia in summer vacations of 2015 on tourist visa for 40 days.we applied again in 2018 nd Now all of us have valid australia tourist visa.my husband again visited Australia alone in March this year for 10 days.I believe our circumstances have changed from his last refusal.Right now we have +100k cad in our bank accounts nd jointly our family is earning 28k p.a. we don’t have any immediate family member to host us in canada as all our family members live in india only.but my husband’s cousin or his friend’s can send us invitation letter.Now my questions are
    1. From whom should we get invitation letter?from cousin who have not much bank balance or from childhood friend who have good bank balance
    2.is it wise to apply for complete family after my husband’s previous refusal or only me nd my husband apply leaving our son with my in laws?as my son nd me have no refusal history yet nd I don’t want to take any risks.We live with my husband’s parents and my husbnd take care of all their financials so they are dependant on him not financially as they have their own properties but my husband take care of everything so we can show them as ties to home country..but they have visited canada last year nd hold 7 year trv.
    3. Is our immovable property nd bank balance enough to show ties to home?
    I also want to mention that my brother lives in Australia nd one time when we travelled abroad we stayed with him
  2. @Bryanna could u pls suggest how should we proceed?
  3. 1. What were the previous refusal reasons?
    2. Is your husband employed or manages a business? And you?
    3. Has your husband traveled to any other visa-required country apart from Australia?
    4. Have you traveled to other visa-required countries?

    From the cousin, not the friend. What is his immigration status?

    His financial situation is irrelevant to your TRV applications because you must prove you/your husband can afford the visit on your own.

    Do post the list of documents for each applicant
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  5. Hi @Bryanna will you pls suggest should we apply or not with these documents?

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