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Visitor visa after IEC Work Visa? Or get work permit as Actor from the EU?


Jul 29, 2015

I posted another post a while ago but have another question.

I am on a IEC working holiday visa which will expire in end of autumn, but I came to Canada from the US where I was on a work permit (which then expired), so I entered Canada as tourist end of 2015 and got an "enter" stamp in my passport but there is no expiration date. So I was pending my application for the IEC when I entered Canada and it got approved about 7 weeks after I came to Canada as tourist, so I activated my IEC work permit.

So now I applied for a new US work permit which I need to wait for, but it could take longer than my time I have left on my IEC work permit in Canada. So to avoid having to pay a flight to Germany and back to US, I would rather wait in Canada as my friends are here and do some traveling around Canada, until my US permit goes through and then go drive down the border to the US again. But right now I am assuming it will not go through in time before my IEC expires (US permit processing time is about 4 month) so, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I can just stay in Canada as tourist until it goes through and then drive into the US or do I have to apply for an "extension" for my tourist Visa? As I am from Germany I think I am allowed to stay up to 6 month visa free, but as I was here as tourist before my IEC do I need to re-apply for the tourist part?

Or can I extend my IEC work permit in Canada for 2-5 month? My friends told me that some people they know extended their IEC work permit but I can't find anything anywhere how to do that, except for the other working holiday visa which you need an employer for though (which I do not have as I am self-employed as actor/director). Could I just send out an application for an open work permit? I work as an actor so am self-employed, is there anyone here who tried to get a work permit as actor in Canada from EU? How long would that take? Can I use the regular work permit application package and just request an "open work permit" as there is no employers for actors who audition for parts unless they book a steady show. (You get employed per day/week after you book auditions, so no employer until you book a job, but need to have a work permit BEFORE you audition, I as told by my agent)

I am fine not working for 4 month as I am staying with friends and have enough funds, but if it is possible to get another work permit or a 2-5 month extension, that would be even better.

Anyone ever do that who is from Germany or another EU country?

Thanks so much for your help!


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Jun 8, 2010
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IECs can't be extended. If you qualify to apply for a second one - you can do that.

If you want to secure a work permit outside of the IEC program, you'd need to get a full time job offer from an employer in Canada along with an approved LMIA and then apply for a closed work permit. You do not qualify for an open work permit. Your only option is a closed work permit (which requires a job offer and approved LMIA).

If you just want to remain in Canada as a tourist (without working), you need to apply to change your status to visitor before your IEC expires.