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Visitor Record

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Trinity_90, May 17, 2019.

  1. Hello! My husband and I have applied for a visitor record, asking for an extension of our visitor status. We applied at least 30 days before the end of the six months provided and we have enough money to stay for another months (according to their guidelines).

    My question is, did someone face to a similar situation?
    Just to try to understand how many opportunities we have they accept our application or deny for some reason.
    This is our first application for extension and I am a little worried.

    Thanks to who will help.
  2. Many people apply for extensions. The chances of refusal depend on your profiles and your reasons for extension.

    What did you submit as a reason for the extension?
  3. Visiting.
    I'd like to attend a private school, the program is only 5 months, so I do not need a student permit.
    That's why we decided to submit only the visiting purpose (hoping to be right).
  4. And what have you done in the previous six months that you've already spent in Canada?
  5. My husband attended a private school, a similar program, less than six months. When we came here, with the letter from the school, they gave us six months (without stamp).
  6. The visa officer may doubt you are genuine visitors since you have both found courses to attend that are just shy of needing a permit. I hope that doesn't happen for you.
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  7. It is a strange situation, because I can't ask for a study permit, but as a visitor you can attend this kind of course. It is the only way.
    Unfortunately, in my country, this course does not exists.
    Thank you anyway.
  8. Then I'm sure you explained that, and the visa officer will also understand.
  9. I hope so. Thanks
  10. I did that and I got it denied
  11. Your extension was denied for a number of other reasons.

  12. Hello, sorry last night o was falling asleep when my comment was sent, so I had the same situation. I am not an expert, but I could say it is a random good or bad luck selection, because I know people who have done it 3 times as a tourist and I know she is every month with problems paying the rent but anyways she does it and she had gotten . Lately, I have heard many refusal extensions, when I got mine, I knew of 3 different persons who got a refusal notice.
    But I think if you are planning to stay maybe more time, you should do it and be really exact with the reasons why you want to stay and convince the officer don't make any mistake which can coest a rejection
  13. When you applied for your second visitor extension, you've said that you were refused because of issues with the supporting documentation and the fact that the visa officer believed that it may not be genuine. You'd already extended your stay six months past the working holiday. That's not quite "bad luck" or "random selection" but a case where a visitor extension was not justified given potentially fraudulent documentation.

    That is a considerably different background of a case than a first extension application for a couple whose purpose of visit was already approved by IRCC as valid. However, their risk is that a visa officer will not believe that they are valid visitors - similar to yours.

  14. Yes every case and situation is different..and I appreciate your experienced opinion. My situation was this : 1 working holiday visa for one year, then I changed my status as a tourist , they have me 6 months, and then I did an extension and this got refused.i will add my letter for better understanding.
  15. Good day,

    If we don't apply for visitor extension, can we just leave the country, let's say go south an come back?

    Thank you

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