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Visitor record issued to visitor visa holder

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by raju2309, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. I got visitor visa and travelled to canada. When reached torronto after lot of conversation they issued me visitor for days of my tickets. Which i had to deposit on departure. Is it a normal thing? Whether can i go again as my visa is multiple entry till 2026
  2. Sure if you have a multiple entry visa you can visit again although there is no guarantee next time you visit you will not be issued with a date sensitive visitor record again. General advice is to not try visiting again until you have at least spent the same amount of time back in your home country, preferably longer else your intentions may be questioned, which may well be why you were issued a record in first place.
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  3. Basically, it means that they are specifically limiting your stay to a period of time that is not the default 6 months. There are many possible reasons for this but the most likely is that they want to be sure that you do leave Canada. Maybe they are concerned that you might overstay, based on your demeanor and narrative during the interview at the POE...
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  4. I left as per my ticket and visitor records submitted at airport of departure. But after 3 months i got call from cbsa officer about my departure. I submitted boarding pass and Passport stamp. He emailed he is satisfied. I am surprised even I submitted record even they are doubtful
  5. Have you been visiting often?
    Or there was something that didn't make you look like a genuine visitor?

    As you've been flagged in the system, it is best if you do not attempt another entry for several months
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  6. I
    i had applied about ten years before for skilled worker visa and denied on misrepresentation and inadmissible for 2 years. I have doubt that one of my close relative doing complaint against me as he was aware for my visit
  7. Others can comment as well but expect your misrepresentation/inadmissability is going to impact you every time you come back. Doubt is anything to do with a relative .
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  8. Unfortunately, you can expect the 2-years ban for misrepresentation to haunt your visa applications in the future + I'm guessing your stay was limited to the exact purpose/exact number of days that you stated when you arrived at the POE because the immigration officer was not fully convinced.

    You're quite lucky that a TRV was issued after this ban. It's possibly because 10 years have passed.

    You would want to remain in your home country/country of residence for several months before you visit again. Your visits must be short + do not visit for any work/business reasons
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  9. Can i get caips note in my case to know the real picture? It has any negative effects on me ?
  10. It's the ban/misrepresentation that's responsible for the long-term damage. Nonetheless, you can order the notes for your TRV application

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