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Visitor Record Extension Inquiry - 2 years

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by TorontoMo, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    My mom currently has a visitor status in Canada until May 10, 2018. She achieved this status as part of her initial 6 month stay. She has a 10 year multiple entry visitor visa (Not super visa)

    I would now like to extend her stay for another 2 years and I have some questions:

    1. What are her chances of getting approval for 2 years stay?
    2. What documents should I enclose with online application?
    3. Would attaching a medical insurance for 2 years increase her chances of getting approval?
    4. What reasons for extension has applicants who were approved used in their request?
    4. Lets suppose she is approved for 2 years, can she leave Canada, reenter and maintain her 2 year status? Or once she leaves Canada, her extension expires and she will be back to square one i.e 6 months?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Will try answer to the first point...each application is unique and assessed differently.. your mother is on a trv which is not a supervisa

    Although the law does not place a restriction on the number of extensions that can be requested by an applicant... a 2 year request would seem rather odd ... as it seems to be no longer temporary residence....

    And section R179 and 181 does state that the applicant must prove that they intend to remain a temporary resident... which a 2 year request maybe contrary to that...

    Also an extension of more than 6 months would mean your mum needs to undergo a medical and be medically admissible.

    If however your Mum is under sponsorship from you.. then it’s a whole different story... the extension can be approved because of the dual intent provision...
  3. Extremely low chance a 2 year extension will be approved - effectively nil. You should ask for six months maximum. If you want her to stay for 2 years, you need to apply for a super visa (provided you meet the income requirements).

    The extension is only good for as long as your mother remains in Canada. If she leaves, it's gone.
  4. @scylla @DavEd Thank you very much for responding.

    I shall apply for a 6 month extension just to be safe and gather information on a Super Visa as a long term option.
  5. She will have to apply for the supervise from her home country.
  6. Hi everyone,
    I have some questions regarding extension for stay as a visitor.
    1.If I want to change my status from OWP to remain as a visitor can I apply for one year if I show enough money in my bank account?
    2.If not then apply for 6 months and get approval for stay as a visitor (suppose) can I apply again for the extension of staying as a visitor after expiry of that 6 months?

    Thanks a lot.
    Please response someone I really need those Informations.
  7. You are more likely to succeed with 2) unless you are in the process of submitting a PR application.
  8. Thanks a lot
    Just one question I'm getting confused with-
    My OWP and my husband's study permit will be expired on October 30, 2018. Now I want to apply for my status change (remain as a visitor) with his PGWP this month in August.
    Will it be too early for me if I apply (for my stay extension as visitor) with him?

    Is there any rejection probability if I apply too early?
  9. Visitor extension is taking 70 days in Canada so better apply now
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  10. I have one question regarding the extension process...now I'm gonna apply for staying as visitor from OWP but when I entered Canada for the first time I got TRV (visitor visa) then I went for OWP valid till my husband's SP. But while applying for TRV I showed country tie that time...Do I need to show country tie this time again for extension of staying record?

    Thanks for all responses. Really appreciate.
  11. You need to prove you have the finances to support your extended stay + a valid reason for extending your stay
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  12. Don't double-post.

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