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Visitor acknowledgment letter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by indersingh03, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I was apply paper base for visitor visa with my wife and 1year 11 month my son on 20 June. On 5th July I got a mail visitor acknowledgment letter ... still wait for decision..... any experts give advise , how much time they will take for decision after received acknowledgement..... I wait for reply
  2. Did you get any update?
  3. Wait more some applicants are waiting since April .
  4. I got my visitor acknowledgment letter today and on the cic website it says until the application is not opened and complete they don’t sent the email. Hoping will get the visa by next week.
  5. Hi..
    I have also received the same mail in Friday. My agent told me that within 1 week you will get visa. Is it true?
  6. That’s what my agent said too. But I don’t know when I read posts here I lose hopes that I’ll hear from the visa office anytime soon.
    my agent said the same but when I read posts here I lose hopes that I’ll even hear from the visa office in a month because applicatants who have applied in April are still waiting. I hope we get a decision by this week.
    When did you apply for your visa?
  7. I apliapp on 28 June.
  8. Today again I received visitor acknowledgement letter. Yesterday also I received the same mail. Is it good or bad sign?
  9. S
    Same here.
  10. Desai, I think our file is reviewing by same person. Ha ha ha
  11. I
    I hope we get a decision by next week.
  12. Hello Desai,

    Today again received acknowledgement mail. Have you received the same mail.
  13. Yes I did
  14. I have seen there is a lot of people who submitted thrit application in June month and still waiting for approval. I think we need to wait another 10-15 days because these days they are taking more than 40-50 days for approving visa.
  15. Yes June month has been horrible in terms of timeline. I also got acknowledgement letter on 11th July. Nothing after that.

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