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Visiting US


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Apr 24, 2019

I currently have a PR and living in Canada. I would like to go to visit my friends in US, but my travel B1 visa has expired. For PR holders do we get any temporary travel visas for the duration of our stay there, or do we have to again apply for the B1/B2 visa, and for that can we do it from the US consulate in Canada or have to go back to the US consulate in our home country.



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Mar 22, 2016
Unless you hold a passport that is part of the US visa waiver scheme in which case you would need an ESTA (to fly in) or i94 (land border) then you would need a visa to enter the US. You can apply and attend an interview at a consulate in Canada. I would guess although no way to predict that given you already had a visa that should maybe be pretty straight forward given you will already be in the system somewhere and one of the questions believe asks for details of pevious visas

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