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Visiting India during study permit

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by RutviDalal, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Hello people,

    My fiance is right now in Canada on the basis of study permit which is till the end of July,2020. His course ends in April,2020. He wants to apply for the co-op program he has to extend the study permit till August.

    If he applies right now for the extension, and in any case if it does not process till March, can he visit India meanwhile ?
  2. Does he still have a valid TRV ? Will the visit be either during a scheduled break or after course has completed but before current study permit expires ?
  3. His study permit expires on July,2020 but he has to apply for co-op for which he has to file for the extension in study permit.
    He wants to visit meanwhile his semester, no scheduled break is there before the completion of semester.
    Now question is that, if he wants to come in march to India and if his extension application is still under process, would he be allowed to re-enter to Canada
  4. Semester ends : April, 2020
    Co-op period : may to August 2020
    Study permit ends : july, 2020
  5. His semester ends : April 2020
    Co-op period : may to August 2020
    Study permit expires : July 2020

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