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Visit Visa with my sister to Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by laura07, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. to prove strong ties to return home, is aged parents with no work can be considered? I am employed with sufficient savings however the properties under my name is a car and a Jeepney's deed of sale. I do not have a business and will travel to canada to visit my brother on Christmas. is a flight schedule shortly after the canada visit trip can be considered too? My sister who's coming with me to visit our brother in canada will declare our parents too as dependent since our parents are being covered by here company's health insurance, I just provide the daily needs and she covers for the medical expenses as our mother is diabetic. My sister has a car lease, a registered business, has one travel history in asia and is also employed. we are both single. reading in your forum made me uneasy as I am the one who's having a little document to provide. Appreciate your insight :)

    PS: is the application needs to be submitted altogether for the two of us or we should apply separately and needs the letter of invitation separately too? Thanks heaps.
  2. You will need two separate applications. Do not purchase flights before you get your visas. Unfortunately you both may struggle to get visas.
  3. Sorry the flights are for other country scheduled after our return from Canada (Hongkong) booked January 25th 2019 shortly after our arrival as we are only 10 days in Canada. appreciate your response. Just a few clarification though. We will submit a separate application but simultaneously or should be a week or two ahead?

    a bit anxious, as this is our first time to apply for a visa. your insights will be greatly appreciated.
  4. here is the actual situation, your input will be greatly considered.

    1. My sister - is employed, supervisor for 4 years.
    - with a registered business ( a food court stall and a TNVS Franchise)
    - $3200 CAD savings as she opened a new cafe however, it is not yet registered in the municipality but has a DTI permit already.
    - Car Lease due on 2021
    - approved leave of absence from the company
    - 2 years ITR
    - 6 months payslip indicating sufficient amount of salary to support the travel aside from the business income
    - a travel history (non-visa) Cambodia.
    - Aged parent and a sibling that will be left home can be added as a tie to Philippines.
    - Letter of invitation from our brother

    2. Me - employed as a Charge Nurse for 3 years
    - a deed of sale of Car and a Public Utility Jeep however the Line Franchise is yet to be transferred once the order from the government to transfer franchise has been lifted. (is SPA to prove the ownership of the Franchise will do?) if Yes, this can be considered as a business as I am the operator currently.
    - $ 3200 CAD savings under my name also
    - ITR for 2 years
    - 6 months payslip that indicates I can support my travel.
    - No travel history yet
    - approved leave of absence from the Hospital
    - Aged parent and a sibling that will be left home
    - Letter of invitation from our brother

    your insights for our chances to be approved will greatly affect our decision if we are to file our Christmas Vacation for 10 days in Canada.
    Our accommodation and food will be covered by him but all other expenses will be shouldered by us, e.g tickets, transportation and meals outside his home while on tour. Also we would like to visit her newly born baby, if that would help or would greatly affect the application to be rejected.

    Thank you!
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    I agree with canuck unfortunately. Your profile is generally the type that has a difficult time getting approval. Your parents are not exactly proof of ties. Maybe you have hope by proving the side businesses, and by detailing your daily budget and itinerary in Canada. Because each person’s trip will be $3200, aka your entire savings. Maybe also explaining and documenting how your funds were invested in your businesses will also help, to explain the low savings balances. Also a brief letter explaining your involvement in operating your businesses on top of your jobs. Those may be considered as investments or concrete ties back to the Philippines, instead of your parents.
  6. That is much appreciated. Thank you guys so much.

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