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Visit visa for minor daughter

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by @blackfalds, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I was issued a visit visa with multiple entry,now I want to apply one for my minor daughter who is 7years old. Do you think its possible to be approved?What do you think are helpful supporting documents? Thank you
  2. It would depend on a number of factors.

    1. What is the purpose of the visit + for how long?

    2. Is she enrolled in school?

    3. Would she be visiting during the school break?

    4. Has she traveled to other visa-required countries?
  3. Thank you for the reply.
    1. The purpose is just to tour around with me for 2weeks
    2. Yes she is enrolled in school
    3. Was hoping to travel during her summer vacation
    4. No she has not traveled to other countries
  4. Dear,
    Me and my wife got canada visit multiple entry visa in 2016 and visited canada in Sep 2017 for 5 days but befor visit we appliedfor our children in feb 2017 got refusal and reason purpose of visit, and now in 2018 we applied again for them in march 2018 again visa refused the reason they mention same, even I bought a tour from cosmos, so can u suggest me what should I do,
  5. I've just seen your posting history. Was your daughter refused a TRV last year? If yes then what were the reasons for the refusal?
  6. I would imagine IRCC has concerns that if your children are granted TRVs then as your entire family will be visiting together, there could be a possibility of overstaying your visit.

    1. What were the refusal reasons for each application?

    2. How old are your children and what do they do?

    3. Have your children traveled abroad? If yes, to which countries?

    4. What's your nationality?
  7. Yes,was refused last year saying I did not provide sufficient documents to demonstrate my level of establishment in my country of residence.
    I cant,understand why,because the supporting documents I provided for my daughter's application were the same documents I submitted for my application.
  8. Maybe your were issued a TRV by indicating your daughter as the family tie to return to. But when you applied for your daughter's TRV, your ties to your country of residence were reduced.

    As your daughter is very young, her school ties would not compel her to return to your country of residence.

    1. Did you visit Canada last year? If yes, for how long? And, in whose care did you leave your daughter temporarily when you were away?
    2. How long do you intend to visit this time? Do you have a Canadian host?
    3. Can you prove you must return to your country of residence by a specific date?
    4. When does your daughter's school term begin? And when?
    5. Do you have any other valid visas?
  9. That's what I thought of.

    1. Yes, went to Canada for 2months and my daughter was with my mother and brothers' care
    2. I was thinking to just visit for 2 weeks to meet my boyfriend's parents. My boyfriend is Canadian and he shouldered everything for me
    3. Yes I have to come back home because I have a job as a clinic nurse and I dont want to ruin my pending immigrant vosa application
    4. In the Philippines,school begins on June to March. So, April and May are summer vacation for her.
    5. No, I dont have any other valid visas
  10. Are you immigrating to Canada?
  11. It has been two years already since my application was lodged but I have no idea if its still running.
  12. Your daughter will accompany you when you return to see your boyfriend. That's why the visa officer could think you will file an inland PR application (either through marriage or common-law). This along with your PR application confirms that you want to stay permanently. And, with your daughter with you, your reasons to return to the Philippines are virtually zero.

    Unless you can include 1-2 super compelling reasons to return to the Philippines, IMO, it could be quite difficult for your daughter to get a TRV.

    Maybe reasons related your work commitments? Training? Loan or mortgage repayments? An event in the immediate family? Or something similar. Nonetheless, it's a risk you would be taking if you reapply
  13. Aww ok..Thank you for the info.
  14. Refusal reason is purpose of visit just,
    Age of children are, 13, 11, and 9,
    Yes they have visited with me Saudi Arabia and Du

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