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Visit Visa For Business Purpose

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Zahid Masood, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Dear Members,

    Hope you all are well and doing good. One question irritating me from last two weeks are Canada give visit vissa for the business man or company employee just for the purpose of visit ...... if yes then what will be requirement for that and if some got the visa and do not want come back or extend his/her stay what he have do ?

    Please suggest me
  2. Hello sir,

    Kindly help me from India i am interested to work in canada other wise my own small business pls sagest me.

    Mansaf Ahmad
  3. If you're a company employee who needs to visit on business, then I am assuming that they will require a letter from your employER that states so. If you're self-employed, I would assume proof of your business ownership and bank accounts should be enough. Second, you can't just go to canada and decide you don't want to return; unless you decide to live as an illegal.
  4. A bank statement should be enough

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