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Visit visa extension

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by jeenavj01, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Hi, I want to know about,
    I got visitor record and there mentioned issued date
    Expiration date.
    For example issued date June 1 and expiration date is July 1.
    And conditions must leave Canada by July 1.
    Remark: must undergo medical examination within 30 days.
    I got medical examination and send to ircc, I passed my medical.
    But I am confused. Because I applied for again 6 more months. Why my visitor record expiration date mentioned one month validity?
    Is that my extension visa?
    Please help me.
  2. Did you do the medical exam before applying for the extension or after? It sounds to me that they offered you a month just to ensure that you would do a physical check if you did it after they gave you the record.
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  3. I did medical after I applied my extension. But why they mentioned in conditions that Must leave in 0000/00/00 ?
    First I got a letter to do that medical and after three days I got Visitor record via my account and post. What should I do? Can I stay here or I need to leave they mentioned on visitor record. That's only one month they gave?
  4. Either leave by the expiry or apply for another extension.
  5. I applied for 6 months more. But i get only one month. Why? And my account that they mentioned document valid until that expiry. I passed my medical exam, and they updated on my account. But after I didn't get any response from CIC. I have only few more days as they mentioned the expiry date. Is that possible to apply again?
  6. They can give you as much or as little time as they want. You need to apply for another extension.
  7. It’s the polite method of IRCC telling you it’s time to go home.
  8. It souds like what I said: they gave you a month to do your medical check. So that is why they did not put a date on it.
    When did you do the test? If it was three weeks ago, I don't know what their intention. But if it was not long ago, I think they will give you a new one.
    You can go to the custom and ask or give them a call.
  9. I applied for extension of my mother-in-law in june 2018 until dec 2018. We got medicals last month which we did and online it says medical is passed.
    My doubt is will i get update on the application before december. if its approved or not.
    If i didnt get any update could she need to stay until we get some response or since we asked only until dec she should leave before that irrespective of approval or denial

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