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Visit Visa Extension while in Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Raja M Saleem, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Hi all, me and my wife were in Canada on visit visa. Our visa was of 04 months and expiring after two months on 30 Aug. We both filed application online for extension on 25 June. Meanwhile we came back to our country Pakistan on 01 Aug even our visa was still valid. After applying we received only one email of thanks on patience. No status updated online yet even after 47 days.
    What are the chances of approval and how long it will take to process?
  2. You should have never left Canada. Visitor status extension will only be approved for applicants within Canada and is applying to stay longer than 6 months.
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  3. Thanks for you quick reply. In application we did not mentioned to stay longer than 6 months but to extend our visa up to 3 Years so we can visit our son when ever we need.
  4. Oh you applied a new Visitor Visa. You cannot extend a Visitor Visa.
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  5. Thanks again. In your opinion what IRCC will make decision? What they will ask to do?
  6. The process will be the same as when you first applied for a Visitor Visa. Processing can be from weeks to months. Do check the approximate processing on the IRCC website.
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  7. Thank you for helping me to figure out.
  8. Unless I haven't understood your situation correctly, there seems to be a good deal of confusion as well as incorrect terms in your posts.

    1. What is the expiry date printed on the visa counterfoil in your passport? Were you allowed to stay for 6 months when you entered Canada ie you had visitor status for 6 months from the date of entry? Or is your visa validity date expiring end-August?

    2. When you arrived, you were allowed to stay for 6 months i.e. the immigration officer did not handwrite any date in your passport. If this is the case, your visa validity/the expiry date printed on the visa counterfoil stamped in the passport does not matter. You could have stayed for up to 6 months from the date of entry.

    3. You then applied to extend your stay in Canada, right? You could not have applied for a new TRV/new visa when you were in Canada.

    4. Did you apply to extend your stay for another three years? As you left Canada, any approval to extend your stay will also lapse.

    5. TRVs cannot be extended. You need to apply from scratch for a new one. You cannot request for a specific validity of X years or 3 years. Your visa validity depends on the assessment made by the visa officer
  9. Sorry to late reply and to solve your confusion, and also thank you to take interest to solve my problem. I did not receive any reply from CIC yet. As concern to your questions,
    1. The expiry date of my visit visa is 30 Aug 2018 printed on my visa sticker.
    2. Yes, When I entered Canada the immigration Officer only stamped entry stamp and didn't written any date. It means I was allowed to enter and stay for 6 month upto 22 Nov 2018 but as My return ticket was booked, I flew back to native country on the exact dates I mention in my visa granting application.
    3. Yes, but I requested to extend my visa validity.
    4. I believe that the Government Of Canada will understand my situation my obeying the law and will order me to submit my passport for renewal my visit visa for long time so, we can visit Canada to meet our beloved son when ever we want.
    5. Yes you are right. It was my request only.

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