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Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)


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Sep 20, 2017
Visa Office......
Ottawa/New Delhi
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App. Filed.......
AOR Received.
File Transfer...
Med's Done....
Hi guys. I need some help. I’m stuck at the US visa section. My parents have a US visa in their old passport. The passports were renewed in January. But, the portal won’t let me go back far enough with the dates. Their old passport was issued in May 2011.


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Oct 25, 2019
Should we get public health agency Canada approval if someone is applying visitor visa to give care brother’s pregnant wife and especially if its first pregnancy??? Please share experience if someone has got visitor visa like this


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May 12, 2019
What's the current processing time post Biometric submission till PPR for applicants from India?

COR - India
Purpose - Family Reunification (extended family). Visiting sister who is a PR
Applied through new portal.
Have shown strong home ties to COR by showing 6 months bank statements, 6 months payslips, proof of employment, leave approval with job rejoining date mentioned, return ticket

AOR - 23rd October, 2021
BIL - 25th October, 2021
Biometric submission - 8th Nov, 2021

No updates since then.

Is there a whatsapp group for tracking the ongoing applications?


Nov 18, 2021
I had my Covid-19 vaccine but it is not from the list of Canadian-approved brands. should I still upload my vaccine card on new portal?


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Apr 19, 2017
No i have not shown any property documents, Should that help? and if i want to write an Invitation letter, how should that be? i have not attached any letter for my side :(
yea not showing any property documents is probably a big factor as the officer would have thought there's no reason for her to return


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Apr 5, 2020

I would like to check if someone experience the same thing we experienced for Visit Visa application in CA? We are planning to get married in CA and both of us are outside CA. We already have a commissioner for our wedding and we will visit CA for 8 days only. We applied last month and it was refused as we didn't submitted sufficient documents. We reapplied 3 days ago through the new portal and we submitted the following:
  1. Common law proof
    1. Joint bank accounts
    2. Tenancy agreements
    3. Bills with our names with same address
  2. Proof of funds
    1. Joint bank account
    2. Personal Account
  3. Passport
    1. 3 passports each that reflects our Travel history for 5 years, including AUS
  4. Immigration Status
    1. proof of our Immigration (IDs) and its validity
  5. Employment Letter
    1. Employment letter stating our approved leave, validity of our contract
    2. company contract
  6. Additional Docs:
    1. Letter of Intent stating our relationship and plans for the wedding
    2. Letter from our Marriage Commissioner
    3. Photos of us together and our engagement
    4. Passport of my Fiancé
    5. Birth Certificates
    6. Flight Booking
    7. Hotel Booking
    8. Vaccination Records(Pfizer)
    9. Investments (Land Titles, Real Estate Fire Insurance and MRI
    10. Family Particulars
We also submitted our applications separately as we are both in 2 different countries. Does anyone has any experience same as us? Do you think the documents we submitted are sufficient? Thank you
So your reason to come to Canada is only to get married? Why do you need to come to Canada to do it? Because of Covid, travel is only for family reunification, work, study etc. You are coming for tourist purposes.
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