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Visit Visa Application if already applied for Sponsorship

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by kalpanadahiya, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. I have already applied for Sponsorship Visa for my son and husband 7 weeks ago.
    Is there a problem if I apply for their Visit Visa meanwhile so that they can come here asap.

    Or shall I wait more for sponsorship as I have not received the UCI as of now.
  2. They aren't expected to come to Canada and wait out their PR processing. They might find it considerably difficult to be approved for TRVs unless they have exceptionally strong ties and/or their PR processing is in the final stage
  3. There is no news on PR processing not even UCI. Its been 11 weeks.

    I did try for Visit Visa that was refused with generic reasons of No Ties in the Country. Even for my minor child.
    Is there a way I can apply for my son to come here sooner as he is suffering from depression. He cannot have his own financial standing as he is 6 yrs old.
  4. It's unfortunate for your young son to be separated from you. In hindsight, maybe he should have been an accompanying family member for your PR application. Anyways.

    That's correct. He cannot show any finances of his own as a minor child. Your husband would need to financially support your son's visit. That said, it will be difficult, IMO, for your son to get a TRV approval.

    You may want to consider meeting them in another country

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