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Visit Visa- Active review London

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by haravtarsingh, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. I applied online from UK on 26th July and today sent an email to London Vo and received below reply from them.

    We write in reply to your enquiry.

    Please note that your application for a visitor visa is currently under active review.

    You will be notified via your online account once a decision has been reached.

    We trust this information is of assistance to you.

    Kind regards,

    Program Assistant, Temporary Resident Unit | Adjointe de Programme, Unité des Résidents Temporaires

    Immigration Division | Direction de L’Immigration

    What does active review mean?
  2. Hi there, if Biometrics are applicable to you, have you got it done already? Also, please what email did you send your enquiry to and what was the subject of your email? My brother applied online (UK as well) on 11th July but only got his biometrics request on 10th August, Thanks
  3. Your application has been assigned to a visa officer. You will get an update when a decision is made
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  4. Hi Bryanna, application approved. Received passport request.
  5. That's fantastic. Have a great trip :)
  6. Hi Bryanna,

    I've applied on 11th June (no biometrics and no background check are required), 6th August wrote an enquire about my application and on 9th August received an answer "it's under active review".
    But since that time, there is no answer or any action in online account... 10th week is going to be finished since I've applied, 50th working day!

    So, I suppose that "under active review" means nothing, like simple "autoreply". Fortunately, I still have some time before the trip, but the work of the London's office is really frustrating.
  7. 'Under active review' means what it implies. It's not an automated response.

    The delay in your case could be because you have temporary residence status in the UK..... or maybe the visa office had to verify certain information from other visa offices or from third party sources which may not be the typical background check type of information.

    As you received the 'Under active review' response as recently as August 9, you will get a decision soon
  8. Hi @Bryanna, Do you have an idea if I post the passport today, VAC London will receive on Monday. How long will it take for stamping and passport to be returned?
  9. Most probably yes.

    I guess it would take a couple of days for stamping
  10. Thanks. I have posted my passport with VFS fees. Hopefully will receive passport by end of next week.
  11. Hi @Bryanna, VFS received my passport Monday 10:48Am but I still havent received any confirmation/text that they have forwarded the passport to Embassy. Any Advise? I have US visa appointment on 29th :(
  12. It's just 3 miles between VFS London and the visa office. The visa office has probably even stamped your visa
  13. Hello , I applied online in june and gave my biometric in London on 3rd july with an intend to travel in September 8th with my husband who hold a resident permit.
    No update tried emailing and putting enquiries on web only got reply it is under active review no update yet.
    My ticket is wasted . My husband postponed the trip to 14th of September but I still have no clue when they are going to give me any response.
  14. Biometrics? Which nationality do you hold?
  15. Biometrics I gave on 3rd july as stated in my post.
    I hold Pakistani nationality but living in UK for 3 years and work as a doctor.

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