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Visit to Working Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Enon16, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. Hi I have a sister in Manitoba. I applied for Provincial Nominee Program twice but I didn't reach the required points. My boyfriend in Alberta asked to get a tourist visa in manitoba then we will get married in Alberta and change my visa status from tourist to working. Is that possible or not?
  2. What is your boyfriend's immigration status?
  3. Citizen already, but still applying for PR probably he will receive it by early next year according to him.
  4. He was living in Alberta for 9 years and he get his son already last two years..
  5. He’s either a Canadian citizen or a PR. He can’t be both. Citizens don’t need to apply for a PR.

    Do you mean he is living/working in Canada and applying for his PR?
  6. Yes, he is currently working and applying for PR...
  7. What is his current immigration status? He has a work permit?

    There seems to be some confusion. He cannot be a citizen who is applying for a PR
  8. He is a filipino..sorry for that..applying for PR..would that be possible?

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