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Visa stemp

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Muntaha usman, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Hi members...
    I got visa after one year...Allhumdullah...
    I m very happy....
  2. Congrats! What kind of a visa did you apply for?
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  3. Family visit Visa approved....after one year straggling.....
  4. Multiple visit Visa...jaza j Allah
  5. It's sad that you had to wait a year!

    I hope you and your family enjoy your trip to Canada.
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  6. Firstly Mabrook for your visa :)
    when did you applied for visit visa and from where ?
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  7. Jazak Allah
  8. Khair Mubarak...
    From Pakistan..
    I was applied 4th January...
  9. January which ? 2018?
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  10. Yes...2018
  11. Yes...2018
  12. What was travel date mentioned in paperwork?
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  13. Me also applied on 19 May from Qatar but still under process no response
  14. December holidays......we was mentioned wi
  15. You applied one year before your travel date ?

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