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Visa stamp and passport return time from islamabad visa office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Samisarah, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. I just got email from VFS that my passport has been dispatched from Canadian Visa Office (after 41 days). What is your status on ECAS as visa is issued when your status change to "Decision Made"? I sent an email to London VO 8 days ago asking when will my passport be back but no reply.

    I am PNP applicant and my nomination province is Ontario What about you?
    I am hoping your passport will also be back in today's bulk shipment from CHC Islamabad
  2. Hi All,

    I am living in Canada and have applied for PR through PNP stream. I have a dependent in Karachi. We are expecting to receive a Passport request really soon. Can anyone tell me how to sent the passport to Canadian Embassy in Islamabad, and what's the most reliable courier service to use?
  3. Hey Randy,

    For the sake of passport protection, you need to send through VFS Pakistan (Karachi location)

    To find out more about their information, please see below

    My wife has submitted her passport from the VFS Karachi location to Islamabad for the visa stamp process. The Islamabad office has received it and we are waiting to collect the documents back.

    I hope this helps!
  4. Hi,

    Is anyone of you have received the passports back from Islamabad? If yes, could you please share how long it took you to get the documents back?

  5. Hi guys,

    I have a situation regarding my PR application. I have submitted countless Case specific inquiries and waited months for Islamabad canadian Embassy to reply. well, they didn't!!! i just want to know is there a way i can contact them.. do they take walk ins or appointments? i am in Karachi and i can fly to Islamabad if i had to but before that i need to know is there even any walk in or appointment facility that they provide or email and case specific inquiry are the only sources of contact.

    Please advise.
  6. I sent my passports to Islamabad through Tcs in how many time will I get it back ok reply
  7. Salam,
    I am PNP applicant, after receiving passport request i submitted to VAC islamabd through vfs gerry's on 15-06-2017.
    today is 9-7-2017 (25 days passed) and so far no news.
    i heard i takes 1~2 weeks only.

    Should i call VAC islamabad?

  8. Bro, we sent in my wife's passport on June 14th and Islamabad received it on June 15th as well. Mine was processed by CPC Ottawa (PNP as well). Let me know when you get yours back. I'm pretty anxious cuz apparently I can't do my landing paperwork before my spouse's confirmation of permanent residence is issued. And my CoPR expires in like 2 weeks.

  9. Hi,
    I sent email to vfs, they said it is still in process.
    i'm waiting.
  10. Hi, I am in the same boat and know of around 5 others who are facing the same delays. Sent through VAC Lahore on 16th June. Got there on 19th June (after a weekend) and has been with them ever since. Sure, there were Eid in between followed by Canada Day but this is too much given that other VOs are able to finalise in 1-2 weeks tops.

  11. Heyy any luck yet?
  12. Assalam olae kum. I am also SINP OID applicant and just submitted my Passport to Gerrys khi office today . WHy is there is much delay , Its written on letter max time is 1 to 4 week to stamp visa. Thanks
  13. Hi people,
    I submitted my passport on July 24th. CIC islamabad received it on July 25th. My husband submitted his passport to CPC- ottawa and he has already received his back. Just wondering how long does it take. Its already more than 40 days and i am still waiting. My husband is the main applicant.
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