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Visa stamp and passport return time from islamabad visa office

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Samisarah, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. I reccived my ppr 2 on august 11 and submit my passport to islamabad visa office trrough gerry fedex on 19 august .My sister submit her passport one week AFTER my passport through tcs and she got her passport back with visa after 3 days then what is wrong with mine. She applied under fedrel skilled worker and i under provincial nominee. Plz share your experience
    If any one know about this plzzzz help
  2. For ppr 2 can we submit our passports through fedex. Is there any processing time diffrence between tcs and fedex
  4. NO actually they are taking time , i have also submitted original passports of my all family members five weeks ago through tcs.But i did not get any information regarding my passports although i was told that my passports will be sent back to me with in four weeks. I am very much concerned about my passports.
  5. aslamulakum my medical has been done second time on 6 September 2014 and sent my passports on 23 September 2014 36 days ago. status is in process how many days more required can any one tell me??
  6. hi
    I filed ma permanent residence case in spouse sponsorship category on july 16 2012. they started working on ma application on march 7,2014. I received a medical request email on oct 29,2014. ma medical is on nov 07,2014. can anyone plz tell me how long it takes after medical for stamping visa??
  7. dude u got urs passports back yet?
  8. Dear All,
    I sent my passports to Canadian High commission Islamabad on 25th of August and my Client application status shows "DECISION MADE" and this status changed on 31st October two weeks have been passed since my decision changed but i didn't received my passports.Can anyone tell me when should i expect to receive my passports?
  9. Hello,
    Please tell time required to receive passports after status is changed to decision made? My status changed to decision made on 31st October.
  10. Sameer,
    As per your timeline you received your passport after 20 days of visa issue. When did you know that the visa issued? Is there any tracking option or you only looked at in your visa after receiving the passport?

    Did they give you any acknowledgement for the passport?
  11. hi my husband send his passport a week before on 9th march for visa stamp, through VFS GLABAL
    he haven't got his passport back yet does anyone knows how long its gona take please. .... he asked the VFS GLOBAL office, they said its not a asuirity it could take a week or so or even a month or so
    please reply ASAP
  12. Hi everybody,

    My parents-in-law applied for super visa in Feb and my mother-in-law received medical request via email but my father-in-law hasn't received medical request yet. I wanted to ask, do the applicants get medical requests individually at different times even if the application is filed together in one package? Any insight on this would be appreciated. My MIL has already visited once but FIL has applied for Canadian visitor visa for the first time.

  13. Dear Sidrat,
    I am on the same boat,as i have also submitted my passport to CHC Islamabad office dtd-13-03-2015,and yet to hear a single word from subject office even i did email regarding the status of my passports one week ago but no response,i think the only option we have is wait although it is not easy but we have to wait & pray to receive our passports back with magic Sticker soon Inshallah
  14. majid,

    I have same passport submission date as yours and waiting...

  15. Thanks for your response,could you please let me know regarding passport return time from islamabad visa office and time in which we have to fly as i heard its not a fix may be a one or two month + did you receive any email from concerned office regarding your satus & in which category you have applied as me from Provincial Nominee

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