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visa refused under A16

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by haribhakta, Jul 10, 2017.

    ANYWAY I REAPPLY AGAIN WITH CORRECTION EVERY THING LAST WEEK but some of my friend they told me i am banned to apply for canada 2years ..is that true please help me..IN my refusal letter there is not mention anywhere i cant reapply.please suggest my friend...Bryanna please suggest me
  2. Hi,

    Section A16(1) is a refusal for not producing documentation and/or not answering truthfully. Based on this, the officer would have decided whether or not your failure to declare your US visa refusal was intended to mislead or if it was simply inaccurate information.

    Do see if the Section 40(1)(a) box has also been checked in your refusal letter. Your future visa applications will depend on this

  3. Thanks for your reply.i already checked section (40)1(a) and it is not ticked. I reapply my visa application with apologies LETTER.Is it fine Brianna for my reapply?
    Thanks for your reply once again. I appreciate.
  4. That's good. You're quite lucky. You have not been banned for misrepresentation.

    You can reapply. Do declare both the US and Canada visa refusals in the Background Information section of the TRV application form + the explanation for your US visa refusal
  5. Bryanna thanks for your reply. I appreciate. I just want to know one things, I heard that if TRV is approved the canadian officer will send us email if not they just send us passport dispatch massage. Is that true?
  6. It's like this:
    1. Paper applications: If approved, the visa will be stamped in the passport and returned via VFS. You will only get an email that the processed passport has been returned to VFS/CVAC without disclosing whether or not it is an approval.

    2. Online applications: Passport submission request = TRV approval (in most cases)
  7. hello Bryanna,
    Thanks for your help and support.I applied for business visit visa two times.first they refused me under A16.I reapply again and they reject me this way.

    Dear Haribhakta,
    Thank you for you interest in visiting canada.After careful review of your temporary resident visa application and supporting documentation,I have determined that your application doesnot meet the requirements of the immigration and Refugee Protection Act IRPA and immigration and Refugee protection Regulations IRPR.I am refusing your application on the followings grounds.

    1.you have submitted documentation that lackes authenticity as part of your application.This has deminished the overall credibility of your submission.
    2.I am not satisfied that you will leave canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident,as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPP,based on the purpose of your visit.
    3.I am not satisfied that you will leave canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident,as stipulated in paraghaph 179(b)of the IRPR,based on your family ties in canada and in your country of residence.
    you are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can demostrate that situation meet the requirement.

    Bryaana, please suggest me what to do.Do you think if i need to consult with any canadian immigration lawyer .what do you think if i reapply again or wait for a year and apply.Actually i dont understand what 179(b)refusal mean.
    please suggest men or will you help me for my documentation.

    thanks you
  8. Hi

    Obligation — answer truthfully
    • 16 (1) A person who makes an application must answer truthfully all questions put to them for the purpose of the examination and must produce a visa and all relevant evidence and documents that the officer reasonably requires.

    179 An officer shall issue a temporary resident visa to a foreign national if, following an examination, it is established that the foreign national

    • (a) has applied in accordance with these Regulations for a temporary resident visa as a member of the visitor, worker or student class;

    • (b) will leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for their stay under Division 2;
    1. So the documents you submitted or the statements you made were not true? You were lucky you weren't banned for 5 years. You will have to prove that the documents you submitted were true, or you won't get a TRV when you re-apply.
  9. You're incredibly lucky you have not been banned for 5 years on two counts:
    1. False or fraudulent documentation, and

    2. Not declaring your previous US visa refusal

    I suggest you do NOT reapply for several months. Applying with new/modified documentation will not give your application any credibility at this point in time.

    When you reapply, do ensure ALL your documents are genuine/authentic + your statements/claims can be supported by evidence + you declare your US and Canada visa refusals (and visa refusals for any other country, if applicable).

    An immigration lawyer cannot help much. Whatever you submit, please be absolutely honest. Do remember the visa office can seek information about the authenticity of your documents/application from any third party
  10. Hi.. yesterday my study visa was refused for the same objection under subsection 16(1), that I have not provided truthful information.
    - I just went through the above comments and find out my study permit refusal reason ( declining of USA visa did not mention in the form). I did apply in Oct 2015, for USA visa which was refused to some reason.
    - May I know where we have to mention these details as form only asking past travel history rather than asking rejection of visa...please help me out in this regard as I am so much worried.
  11. It must be declared in Question 2 of the 'Background Information' section of the TRV form i.e. 'Have you been refused a visa or denied entry to any country?'. You must select 'Yes' and declare the details in the box space given for that question
  12. Applied for study permit and filled the form IMM5257B where I could not find the details in the box space given for that question.
  13. It's there in Background Information section of the Application For Study Permit Made Outside of Canada i.e. IMM1294:
    Question 2
    Check the box to indicate if you have ever:
    1. remained beyond the validity of your status, attended school without authorization or worked without authorization in Canada.
    2. been refused any visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country
  14. Hello Bryanna,

    Sorry for bothering you again. Below objections are given on my visa application. Pls. clarify these points.

    • whether the person has been accepted to study at a Canadian educational institution;
    • the information in the travel and identity documents;
    • whether the person is likely to respect the conditions of his or her admission to Canada;
  15. Hey no worries :)

    1. This means IRCC has concerns whether or not you have been accepted for a study program to a DLI. Did you submit all relevant documents for this point?

    2. This reason means there's a possible mismatch in the documents for your identity and your passport and/or the details which you had entered in the application form

    3. This reason means IRCC has concerns whether or not you will abide by the conditions of your study permit or you may violate these conditions (for example, by working illegally or by not being able to afford your study program, etc)

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