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Visa conversion for Spouse & Child of International Student


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Jan 6, 2020
I am currently on student visa, and had gotten my wife and daughter visa visas for travel. Since the pandemic, they were unable to travel in 2020, because of restrictions. Under special circumstances they were allowed entry to Canada in Dec.
I need info regarding the following:

1) How do I convert the visit visa to dependent visa for my daughter. Do I apply for a study permit for her or its some other type of visa ? (she is only 5 years old at this time, and only eligible for KG)

2) Can my wife get a work permit at this time? Do I apply separately for this then my daughter's application?

3) Can someone guide me on how the application is done on the Canada.ca website? Do I apply as principal applicant, or should my wife be the principal applicant (with
my documents attached). Please note I don't need to extend or make changes to my visit visa or study permit at this time.

4) Should I apply for my daughter's study permit for her school or I would need to apply for something else for her to get her visa as long as my study permit?

5) The processing times are really long for these applications. If by the time, my wife and daughter's application process starts, and I have decided to graduate by then, will the application be automatically cancelled?

6) Also my daughter's visit visa expires in April (as per her previous passport). She now has a new passport. Can I apply for and receive a new visitor visa for her (as a separate application) or it cannot be applied for while she is in Canada ? Or it can be done but she will have to apply separately (meaning not using my profile) ?

Thanks for reading through.