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Visa application is being processed,what does it mean,how much time it takes?

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by kuntal.sadhu, Aug 7, 2019.

    1. I have submitted my Canada visa application for work permit on 3rd July 2019 still did not received and status saying "My WP application is being processed at the Canada visa office,New Delhi." What is the meaning of this , how much time it will take?
  1. What do you mean by generic. Me and my friend submitted together, he got his passport back on 4 weeks timeline , I still not received after 5 and half week. Earlier the status was is processing at ircc .
  2. Hi , I applied for my study permit and it took 1 month to get approved. During the one month I checked , it always showed it is under processing.I hope it is the same thing for work permits too. You can wait until an expert or vip member replies to this post or for faster replies you can post your questions in an existing thread in this forum. Good day!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. They have 6 weeks processing time which come to an end and still no update, my one of friend already received his passport back and we submitted on the same day.Dont know how it works.
  4. Yesterday I got the biometric confirmation mail. And today I got refusal . It was my 2nd time .even I am holding US Multiple Visa but still got refusal .is here anyone who applied for the same and got approval or any way if I apply again. As m planning to visit USA in last week of August. So I m planning for Canada also .
    Please suggest if someone have any solution for the same.
  5. Thanks I submitted web form , let's see if I get any reply
  6. I did not understand properly. So what was the reason for refusal?
  7. I and one of friend submitted the application on same day at vfs office Kolkata. He got his passport back with visa on 4 weeks , for me it's almost 6 weeks now but did not received yet. What could be the reason?
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    Hi i would like to know it will not aaffect the decision making of the visa if i will send inquery about the processing
  9. They will not reply , they will only reply if processing time passed which is mentioned in their website
  10. Just chill, u will get urs
  11. Its my 8th weeks to be exact and still no result for the final decision. I hope all is well
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  12. You applied for work permit?

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