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Valid work visa, change of employer, New WP at POE?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by magicsoul, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I have an urgent question. I had got valid multiple-entry work Visa for a previous employer but just before my relocation to Canada, I had to change employer. Recently, a new employer filed for my LMIA under GTS and we are currently awaiting its approval. They told me because I already have a valid TRV, I can get the new work permit at port of entry right after the LMIA is approved.

    I wanted to double-check if that's indeed possible in my case. Anyone knows?
  2. According to this page, it seems to be possible. Is that right?
  3. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/work-canada/permit/temporary/eligibility.html

    As you require a TRV to come to Canada, you don't qualify to apply for a work permit at a POE.
  4. Visa-exempt people can apply at a POE. The fact that you already have a TRV does not make you visa-exempt.
  5. But there are many people not from Visa-exempt countries that have obtained their work permit at POE such as this one! I personally have some friends there that were able to get it this way too, the only difference compared to me is they were already inside Canada.
  6. Some have, despite the rule. Many are refused. Your risk to take.
  7. Right, that risk is my main concern! The only thing is my start date on the job offer is quite soon, hence having to take this risk...
  8. The basic fact is that you don't qualify to apply at a POE, so you would be at the mercy of the border officer to break the rules to give you the work permit.
  9. A rather different question. I still have the offer from my former employer (in Quebec) that I got the work Visa for and Letter of Introduction. Even though I will have a new LMIA for a different company, can I still enter Canada and obtain work permit based on my former offer? Or does having a new LMIA cancels it out?!
  10. And another question. If I apply online again for the new work permit, will they again request my passport for another work Visa? Or they will just send me the new approval letter (LOI)?
  11. Hi

    1. As long as your present TRV is still valid, then only the LOI will be issued.
  12. Thanks for the reply! Yes, my work visa is valid for a year and half. If that's the case, I assume that will make the application processing go a lot faster.
    Meanwhile, do you happen to know about my question in post #10 too?
  13. The new LMIA doesn't cancel it out.
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