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USA to Canada for PR Card

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by mahamkd, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. I will be traveling from USA to Canada in December. I have time till March next year to enter Canada and apply for a PR card. The issue is I only get 10 days off work. Is it possible to enter Canada and return without the card and have someone mail it to me instead to my address in USA?
  2. Sure you can do that and have someone mail or courier it to you, latter generally recommended Although do not make that obvious to CBSA at the border as they have been known to not accept to process for a soft landing, . If you have time and if a Mon/Frid you should try to apply for your SIN at a Service Canada location .
  3. Is there a travel document I can get while I do not have a PR card?
  4. You don't even need 10 days. You can complete landing and return the same day.

    You don't need PR card if traveling by road to Canada (after initial landing). If traveling by air, or commercial carrier, you can apply for PRTD. US Citizens don't need either.
  5. I am a student in USA. I am not sure how to obtain my card afterwards. Can you explain the process in detail?
  6. You can only apply for a PR card whilst in Canada, no other option . So however you look at your original plan to have sent to a friends address and for them to mail/ courier to you is the only option. Immigration will not mail cards outside of Canada that has to be a friend or relative that can do that for you.

    If you need to fly to Canada assuming you do not have a US passport you will need to get PRTD which can only be applied for from a few locations in US in your case. It may or may not be a multi entry one.

    Alternatively you can cross the land border with your COPR and passport in hand.
  7. Give friend/relative's address and they will forward the card to you.
  8. I have read it is not recommended to have card mailed and it can be stopped at customs.

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